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Vision & Mission

Our Vision:
To have the United Arab Emirates as one of the best countries in the world in achieving Safety and Security.

Our Mission
To work effectively and efficiently towards enhancing the quality of life in the UAE community, through smart delivery of safety and security services within an innovation-driven environment to protect lives, honors, and properties.

Our Values
1- Justice
2- Teamwork
3- Excellence and Innovation
4- Courtesy
5- Integrity
6- Loyalty
7- Positive Citizenship

Our Objectives
1- Ensure excellence in rescue & firefighting by applying the latest practices.
2- Full alertness to face crises & Disasters.
3- Ensure fire safety against fire risks
4- Spreading safety & preventive awareness across society.
5- Managing human resources effectively & efficiently.
6- Embed corporate distinction & excellence.

Our Tasks
1- Federal law No(23) introduced in 2006 specifies Civil Defence role as follows “protection of lives, properties and sources of national wealth during peace & war times and at crisis & emergency situations”.
2- Predict disasters & crisis to prepare required plans to manage, and create & outfit emergency management centers.
3- Prepare risks & disaster protection programs, setting a general alarm system for residents during emergency situations.
4- Form teams needed to carry out response and relief operations and participate in the restoration of life back to normal in affected areas.
5- Prepare evacuation & shelter plans for residents of Dubai.
6- Prepare, outfit and manufacture tools & equipment necessary to sustain Civil Defence operations
7- Prepare a joint evacuation training program for both civilian and volunteers
8- Conduct preventive awareness program  for community members
9- Coordinate assistant & support efforts cater to regional departments.

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