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AlMatrooshi Honors Firefighters Fathers on Occasion to Celebrate Happiness Day

2019 03 21 111NA

Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid AlMatrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, has honored the Fathers of Firefighters, during visiting their families, accompanied by Lt. Col Ali Hassan Almutawaa, assistant director for Fire and Rescue affairs, as a part of International Day of Happiness, launched by Dubai Civil Defense, which combines surprise and innovation acts, stemming from the believe to instill and enhance happiness values in working environment.

Worth mentioning that "Thanking you is a must " initiative was initiated by Maj. Gen. Expert AlMatrooshi, and executed by Fire and Rescue Sector, under the direct supervision of Col. Expert Ali Hassan Almutawaa, aims to honor the fathers of Firefighters in their workplace and homes, as being the fathers of men who have dedicated their valuable souls in serving their  compatriots, in the most dangerous and risky field, such as fighting fire and responding to emergencies, in the most fearless and heroic way.

AlMatrooshi praised the way initiative was implemented, considering it part of Dubai Civil Defense basic tasks. Adding Fire and Rescue Sector succeeded in making happiness and positive part of the sector policies and programs.

Col. Expert Almutawaa emphasized that such initiative, is genuine attempt to express Dubai Civil Defense gratitude towards the fathers of its firefighters, who relentlessly contributed in building our homeland in early stages, celebrating their efforts today comes under efforts to execute the orders of Excellency Director General to spread happiness at workplace, as well as homes, as happiness has become part of our daily life.

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