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Customer Service Charter

Dear Customers:
We are strongly committed to providing the best service to you. The development and improvement of police services in the country try is a priority. Therefore, we will exert all efforts to meet your needs professionally and transparently. This is our duty and your right. Nevertheless, we hope you will cooperate with our employees to enable them to serve you better.

Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan
The Ministry of Interior is committed to providing high quality and outstanding services that achieve customers’ satisfaction, win their confidence and exceed their expectations.

Our Commitment To You :

•    Receiving you with diligence and treating you with respect and attention.
•    Providing you with high-quality service and fair treatment.
•    Meeting your needs with professionalism through the well-trained and qualified staff.
•    Responding to your requirements and needs without and delay, and exerting all efforts possible to meet them in a timely manner.
•    Keeping you fully and clearly informed about our services and their requirements, and the time required for their delivery.
•    Working on simplifying procedures and reducing service delivery times, in order to improve the - quality and speed of our services.
•    Working on delivering services and providing information through various channels at the times that suit you, as much as possible.
•    Welcoming your feedback, suggestions, and impressions about our services through several channels, and giving you the opportunity to participate in the development of our services.

Your Commitment To Us :
•    Appreciating the efforts of our staff members in serving you and treating them with respect.
•    Providing us with all required documents and proofs at the time of submitting your applications.
•    Ensuring that all required documents, information and data are provided fully and accurately in order to have the transaction executed.
•    Informing us of errors or of any change you wish to be made on the information, as soon as possible.
•    Informing us of any change to personal details like changes in address or information related to transaction completion procedures.
•    Being cooperative and accurate in answering any inquiries made by our staff.

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