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Theater Risks

*High voltage stage lighting igniting curtains or scenery.
*Faulty or misused electrical equipment ( including projectors, lasers, rewinding machines) may lead to fire accidents.
* Improper  use of luminaires and lighting equipment, e.g. halogen lamps, display lighting or projectors
*Hot surfaces and obstruction of ventilation equipment.
*Central heating boilers. 
* Naked flame e.g. candles, gas or liquid-fuelled open flame equipment. 
*Special effects, such as fireworks and pyrotechnics. 
*Cooking equipment including filters, hot ducting chimneys. 
*Smoker’s materials, e.g. (cigarettes, lighters or matchboxes). 
*Electric /gas heaters such as room heaters. 
*Maintenance contractors conducting hot work processes without considering safety measures. 

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