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Gen. Expert AlMatrooshi: Innovation is DCD Thinking Pattern and Sustainable Working Method

2019 02 03 1NA

We firmly believe that innovative ideas make the difference in government performance, this why Dubai Civil Defense has adopted innovation as way of thinking and Sustainable Working Method.

Dubai Civil Defense showed a continuous keenness to provide created fields of innovation care, in accordance to international measures and standards that arise, test, spread and implement ideas nationally and internationally, then upgrade and convert into developmental projects that radically support our progressive programs and plans, explore new cooperation horizons with other governmental entities to ensure national innovative strategies integration is achieved. He added.

We stressed on the importance of encouraging and spreading innovation culture and innovators care, and providing innovation and Sustainable development encouraging environment, investing on innovative ideas to delivering excellent services, inventing advance ways to render them. Also improving institutional and individual performance, by creating new and innovative administrative operations and organizational operations, finding innovative solutions to overcome challenges, adopt scientific technological methods in association with local and international scientific centers, review the latest best practices applied   intentionally in Civil Defense operations and services.

Proud to participate in Emirates Innovation Month, February,  a month that is dedicated to mark the innovation and innovators across UAE, by innovating and enhancing mechanisms of setting and analyzing innovative  general polices that can reshape the future and addressing the challenges of the 21th century Civil Defense Authorities face.


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