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General AlMatrooshi Meets Deputed Candidates to Study Abroad

General AlMatrooshi Meets Deputed Candidates

Director General of Dubai Civil Defence,Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani AlMatrooshi has received  at his office the batch of officers who are leaving soon to Study abroad.Sendung move of this batch comes as a part  of Dubai Civil Defence strategy for reshaping the future , and also in line with the implementation of HR department plan aiming to enhance the skills if the second and third lines of leadership officers in order to respond effectively to potential challenges in the future as per Civil Defence professionalism skills and the best practices applied in major incidents command, crisis management and fire stations operational fields.

AlMatrooshi stressed during the meeting that:

In order to achieve distinguished results we need to have a unique human resources capabilities and scientific qualifications that can reshape the future as well as  innovate the best practices and methosds applied in different fields of leadership,by utilization of latest applications of artificial intelligence which match Emirates strategy for 2021, and taking also in consideration the substantial achievements recently seen at different sectors of Dubai Civil Defence including firefighting,fire protection and strategic planning that have turned DCD into a destination for concerned delegations from many advanced countries to come and review it's repuated experience particularly in highrise fires and buildings fire safety electronic management systems and to review its enrich experience in preparing specialized Codes such as Emirates fire and life safety Code of practise,SOP's andFirestations Operating Guidelines and Gvernance  executive  procedures that ensure Government and MOI strategic goals are maintained. 

At the end of the meeting   Maj.Gen Expert Rashid  urged the scholars to double their efforts to gain the maximum knowledge , information and training  during their study term at Singapore Civil Defence Academy and show full commitment  to share it with their colleagues here in Dubai after return.

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