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Gearing Up for Pioneer Entity Competition DCD Organizes “Himma Hatta Al Qimma” Initiative First Workshop

2019 12 09 1NA

Under the supervision of H. E. Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid AL Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, first workshop of “Himma Hatta AL Qimma” initiative team, loosely translates into “Strength until the End”, as part of Dubai Civil Defense HQ preparations to take part in Pioneer Entity category of Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) 2020.

Himma Hatta Al Qimma team, led by Lady Afaf Jassim ALMuheiri, director of Policies and Decisions Support Department, assigned to undertake the task of qualifying all the participating teams, and preparing requirements and standards as per introductory form, and practical assessment to take place in March 2020.

“Basic Tasks 2019” team workshop, which branded as “Effective and Efficient Institutional and professional capabilities to achieve best pioneering results” includes demonstrating main standards as per sub and detailed specialty, in terms of applied aspects and strategy performance follow up, assessment of achievements and implementation and follow up results, strategic planning performance indicators, stakeholders opinion  measurements in the field of  planning, it also tackled operations management, and social, economic and environment sustainability.   

Lt. Col. Mutran Khalil Mutran, director of Operations Department and deputy chairperson of Main Tasks team, stressed that workshops axis have confirmed the importance of achieving most important activities and services  that impact DCD’S activities and results, within Headquarters keenness to participate in DGEP’S best pioneering entity category, accuracy in standards implementation and  how far it matches strategic plan.

He added, we endeavor to link operations with strategic planning, in a way that ensures efficiency and effective in all main tasks, and achieves best performance measurement indicators, from the platform of following up ongoing improvement opportunities, initiatives and innovative programs.

Mutran also indicated, that workshop notified to the importance of excellence and global leadership in fire and rescue, rapid response to emergencies situations, crisis and disasters management efficiency, building safety assurance, and enhancing preventive awareness across community sectors.

For her part, Lady Afaf AL Muheiri, explained that specialized workshops contribute in preparing DCD’S Headquarters at sectors and departments levels to take part in DGEP’S best pioneering entity category, through which we work to provide standards embodied in 2020 assessment guidelines, confirming first workshop has covered main tasks requirements, socio-economic and environment sustainability achievements and results strategic and operational performance indicators, and operations related performance indicators.

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