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“Way to Leadership” Session Lt. Col. AL Rahoumi: Thinking, self- development and Determination are Success Leader’s Main Characteristics

2019 12 9 11NA

Lt. Col. Saeed Sultan AL Rahoumi, Director of Jabal Ali Fire and Rescue Center, has praised, during the fourth session of the initiative “30 Minutes with a Leader”, which titled “Way to Leadership” , and organized by Civil Defense Youth Councils, with the aim to impart accumulated experiences, documenting knowledge of specialized work, and inspiring Youth with innovative ideas that acquired by leaders over more than 20 years, in different fields,  unlimited support which wise leadership provides to  the Youth, and its adoption of the young national leaders, for present and future time, enabling them to maintain the position which UAE has achieved in the international arena,  development sustainability  in different axis, via which DCD seek to implement its strategies and directives by offering the Youth the opportunities, support and motivate them to be innovative , creative and inspire  the spirit of leadership.

ALRahouni also unveiled the importance of positive thinking in achieving success and overcoming challenges faced in life, acquiring leadership qualities, developing it through practical experiences, urging Youth to stick to perseverance and work hard in the  march to reach leadership point, which requires seriousness, determination and loyalty, confirming challenges  he faced motivated him to achieve more success , most notably Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Jazirah University in 2017,  Master Degree in Public Administration from Mohammed Bin Rashid College for Government Management in 2019.  

He illustrated that, successful experiences in handling advanced fire incidents, reflects leader’s personality and his team members, through the way they reacting to protect lives and properties, practically d seen in two fire incidents occurred in Jabal Ali within 24 hours, where we managed to battled fire in 72 warehouses, second fire incident was erupted in commercial vessel, but despite challenges and efforts exerted in fighting the first incident , were able to professionally control the second and prevent it from spreading to other ships.

He also confirmed that, Civil Defense specialized work includes huge challenges and difficulties, therefore, personnel should be featured with leadership spirit and collective role , possessing wide scope and innovative ways of thinking, that support development sustainability, stressing he himself depend on collective role and one team spirit.

Al Rahoumi stressed also, ambition, interest and determination are the most notable features of a leader, and No one is a failure in life, but difference is that one sets his goals while other don’t, he links becoming a leader with ongoing learning, which recognize no age, who passes 70 years can still awarded degree  certificate .

AL Rahoumi, urged Youth to work hard and be dedicated to get promotions, I the way to become leaders in the future. We must learn from our mistakes to overcome obstacles that come in our way, specialized work needs to consider developing ideas, to contribute in achieving DCD’S vision in making UAE one of the best countries in the world in safety and security, particularly in the presence of the huge technological progress witnessed nowadays, and utilizing it in ensuring lives and property protection.

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