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DCD’S Employees Review Training Packages at Sharjah University

2019 12 13 11NA

Dubai Civil Defense employees participating in 2 days long “trainer’s preparation Professional Diploma” training course, held at Sharjah University, have reviewed the “Training Packages”, which contain 19 bags, designed according to the specialization of each one, and based on main axes, from training system designing stage, training activities components, its concepts, principles and goals, training activity planning, preparing and analyzing training needs, until designing and implementing training program.  

Participants revealed excellent capabilities of lectures’ presentation and delivery, training methods, planning and workshops, applying audio- visual means in training operation, presenting scientific material in an interesting way. The way all trainees performed was excellent. 

Training Packages reflect strategic and futuristic dimension of work of specialty, such as “emergency plan Package”, home fire alarm systems operation and assessment, fire incident management and primary schools civil awareness methods , civil employee functional performance new management system applied at Dubai Civil Defense, and marine transportation means fire incident management system. 

Worth mentioning is that, “trainer’s preparation Professional Diploma” is a training program sets in cooperation with Sharjah University, with the aim to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and behavior necessary to perform tasks relate to deliver courses and impart knowledge to others, as part of DCD”S strategy and plans to sustain ongoing learning and assure training program sustainability.

2019 12 13 33NA

2019 12 13 88NA

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