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Brig. Rashid Khalifah Receives Egyptian Administrative Metropolitan Company’S CEO

2019 12 14 1NA

Brig. Rashid Khalifah Al Buflasah, assistant Director General of Smart Services, has received at his office, Maj. Gen. Engineer (Staff) Ahmed Zaki Mohammed Hassan Abadeen, CEO, and Managing Director of Egyptian Administrative Metropolitan Company for Urban Development and his accompanied delegation. 

Delegation’s visit purpose was to review 24X7 system applications, and listened to the detailed explanation about the system, which was delivered by Lt. Col. Abdullrahman AL Ali, acting director of smart systems department, including system categories, and implementations, at all buildings and establishments in the emirate of Dubai, including high rise and warehouses, usage of latest technology known to automatically send signals during emergencies, displaying data and other information about incident scene, to ensure quick response at emergency situations. 

Delegation members also reviewed various programs, initiatives and innovations DCD achieves in its main and supportive operations, knowing best practices applied in specialty area, ongoing safety measures update at buildings and establishments, as well as reviewing its successful experiences.

AL Buflasah stressed that, the visit reflects the deep- rooted fraternal ties between UAE and Egypt, and cooperation in different areas.

He praised administrative capital project and ambitious developmental schemes, confirming that it includes discussion over many substantial points in specialty work, and demonstrating 24x7 system, implemented in Dubai which has achieved a huge success, and contributed positively in fostering safety of lives and properties, via connection with central operations room, round the clock, and by using cutting edge technology to monitor alarm systems installed in buildings and establishments. 

Meeting was attended by Lt. Col. Mutran Khalil Ibrahim, Director of Operations Department and 24x7 officials.

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