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Acting DCD’s Director General

390 Evacuation Drills held during First Half of 2015
Brig. Ahmed Obaid ALsayegh, Acting Director General of Dubai Civil Defence was briefed by Lt.Col.Expert Ali Hassan Almutawa, director of Operations Department on  2015 annual evacuation drills plan which is carried out by (12) fire stations under the direct supervision of risk analysis  section at operations department.  Evacuation drills set to cover all productive , marketing and storage economic sectors and  other educational, health, residential and banking sectors as well.  

Brig. ALsayegh stressed:
( Evacuations drills is a part of Civil Defence strategy to upgrade its teams readiness, enhances means of coordination with other stakeholders at times of accidents and  train building in house safety teams in order to  achieve  and maintain best response rate along with other crisis & disasters responders concerned authorities as  an strategic goal. Pre plan is set to respond to potential emergency , and how they can be handled in fastest possible time, save lives & properties in the risk area and increase coordination between supporting entities.

He added also:
Standard Operating procedures ( SOPs) and other applied operating plans are implemented while dealing with  potentialities anticipated during emergency to ensure effectiveness of evacuation drill is maintained).

According to statistics issued by Operations Department .. total number of evacuation drills conducted during the first six months of this year is estimated at (390), carried out by 3,263 firemen, 947 policemen and 1005 paramedics. Each drill takes 24:p minutes to finish, 7:5 minutes to reach drill site and about 208,820 persons were benefited from these drills. Conducted drills covered (91 Government facilities), (87 hotels 7 hotel apartments), (65 educational institutions), (60 companies), ( 31 Towers), ( 15 General buildings), ( 14 banks), (10 hospitals) and (10 shopping malls). Customers satisfaction percentage was estimated at 99:1%.


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