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HHA’s Team Discusses Innovation Management

2019 12 19 1NA

Himmah Hatta ALQemah team has organized a workshop branded “Innovation Management”, as part of Dubai Civil Defense HQ work agenda, to participate in Dubai Government Excellence Award 2020, pioneer entity.

Lady Shrifa ALmazmi, head of competitiveness and Excellence section and team member, has demonstrated full detailed explanation about criteria that closely related to the axis of teams work, and how ( competency “form is implemented to ensure required indicators are in place, and innovation challenges development initiatives are identified, to assure DCD’s strategic goals and Dubai Government goals achievement. 

She also addressed, the important points which DCD seek to achieve, to reach global leadership, through excellence, corporate performance and development, culture driven innovative thinking for reshaping the future, providing unique solutions for DCD’s specialized services, and focusing on adopting innovative projects, supporting and encouraging employees to raise innovative initiatives and creative performance, in such a way that achievements positive results can be accomplished.

2019 12 19 2NA

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