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The Transparency Hour an open meeting for DCD employees with HR Dept

2019 12 25 1NA

The Human Resources Department at the Directorate General of Dubai Civil Defense held “The Transparency Hour” with the employees in an open meeting, with the aim of listening directly to their inquiries, clarifying the points related to Dubai Government human resources, in terms of legislation and laws regulating employees’ rights and responsibilities, and familiarizing them with the latest updates in this regard.

The initiative comes as part of DCD policy aiming at improving communication channels at all levels and establishing the values of dialogue and transparency, which will achieve the required addition to reach the level of occupational excellence that facilitates the way for the success journey which reflects the vision and strategy of officials in Dubai Civil Defense.

Captain Abdul Rahman Mohammad Ahli, Deputy Director of Human Resources Department, emphasized that Dubai Civil Defense is working to provide the employee’s needs, whether in the administrative or scientific aspects, as this initiative comes as part of the communication strategies of providing an atmosphere that stimulates institutional excellence. Captain Abdul Rahman stressed that the meeting included a detailed explanation about all legal provisions in Dubai Government Human Resources Law.


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