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Major. Gen. Expert. AL Matrooshi Announces Our Operations, Services are Sustainable Our Role to Fight Novel Coronavirus is Crucial

2020 04 19 1NA

Effective Response … Sustainable Readiness

Dubai Civil Defense continues its sustainable main operations in firefighting and rescue field, fire safety services, and remote community awareness program, in a full swing and effective response in dealing with the incidents, where incidents indicators recorded has seen a remarkable reduction by 79% as compared to the month of February, a month earlier before sterilization move started and the month of March this year.  We also dedicated to having ongoing effective and efficient services that meet customer satisfaction, without any negative impact due to current situations on the quality and outcomes of our services.

During the last two weeks, only (813 inspections tasks) were carried out by safety inspectors on buildings, as part of their ongoing tasks, inspectors have strictly observed personal protection rules while performing their duty. Remote Safety transactions carried out also include (770 drawings approval and 438 companies’ approval), amidst these exceptional circumstances, remote awareness programs continue to cast videos and digital messages on social media platforms, to demonstrate the importance of abiding by anti-pandemic safety measures, as well as its main awareness messages on fire risks.

Permanent Dedication to Ensure Firefighters Safety

While our fire and rescue teams continue to carry out their duties, day and night, at fire stations, we strive tirelessly to provide a healthy and safe environment for them, and for this purpose, the epidemiological investigation team was recently formed under the direct supervision of the Director-General, to monitor Corona virus-infected and contact persons, ( if any DCD employee shows any symptoms of the disease) to immediately transfer him to DHA medical facilities, and daily following up the case. In addition, intensifying anti-Corona virus awareness campaigns across military and civil employees. In the same respect, a number of urgent preventive actions already taken including installation of the thermal camera at DCD’s fire stations entrances, to ensure all staff safety against Coronavirus, appointing safety officer at each station to follow up preventive safety and assure candidates compliance to set health and safety measures. Each fire station to have one entrance, to ensure smooth sterilization process, wearing masks, gloves and using sanitizers are mandatory for all employees, conducting routine tests for employees during shift changing process, station’s facilities are sterilized twice a week, as well as sterilization of PPE is carried on regular basis.

Strategic Partners in combating new Coronavirus Pandemic

As a member of the local Crisis and Disasters Management Committees, DCD undertakes specific tasks in the national strategy for fighting the Corona virus pandemic. DCD’s teams have efficiently and effectively carried out preventive sterilization operations in many prime locations, economic, services and high density populated residential areas, during the day and night hours, the total number of areas been sterilized till today covering more than 75% of areas of Dubai. Moreover, some teams also visited 490 labor accommodations, to ensure anti-Corona virus safety measures are in place, assure these places are sterilized, spreading awareness amongst them and educate them about cleanness habits and skills to avoid infection and proliferation of the pandemic. About not less than 161977 labors dwelling in these camps have benefited so far from these arrangements.

Dubai Civil Defense also safeguards drive through testing centers, by placing 24-hour security forces. A permanent biggest field hospital in the Middle East and Gulf region set for Corona virus-infected persons set in Dubai World Trade Center is secured by DCD teams.


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