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Unleashes of DCD’s Fire Stations Annual..

In line with the direct field assessment strategy of fire stations performance, inspection & follow up committee at Dubai Civil Defence GHQ headed by Brig. Ahmed Obaid ALsayegh Assit. Director for Fire & Rescue began its visits to the various fire stations to assess corporate and individual performance of officers, individuals  and civil employees. 

During the inspection missions Brig. ALsayegh cast light on:

full commitment to implementing  assessment methods in accordance with quality standards is a top priority for us. Based on field assessment applications will be  reviewed for further improvement. Special considerations must be given to field and administrative training as efficiency of and discipline of the working forces is deemed essential to ensure plans success and sustainable development of corporate & individual performance  are achieved,  achievements and improvement opportunities is enhanced  
assessment includes performance level and implementation results of each fire station’s annual plan  based on fire & Rescue department predetermined annual plan and on the light of stations performance results 2014.

Assessment program includes fire stations projects and activities in the following fields:  
*Administrative development
* Health and occupational safety commitment  
*Operations results and implementation level of SOPs
*Training programs applications
*Results of performance indicators by strategical standards
*Skills of using Personal Equipments and how to maintain
*Commitment to Equipments maintenance & readiness levels.

Assessment committee includes Col. Abdullah Saif ALShamsi, Director of Services & Provision department, Col Jamal Bin A’adid , Director of Financial Affairs department, Lt.Col. expert  Rashid Hussain ALsumaitti, Director of Fire stations department, Lt.Col.exper Ali Hassan Almutawa, Director of Operations department, Lt.Col. Suleiman Abdullkarim, Director of Technical Affairs, Major AbdulRahman Mohammed, Acting Director of HR department, Captain Abdullah Bin Dismal member of technical specifications committee and Mrs. Afaf Jassim Director of Strategy Department.  

Three fire stations ( ALBarsha/ALQuoz/ALManara)  have been inspected so far. Inspection will continue till 01/10/2015 to include the remaining 13 fire stations.

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