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We will Defeat the Pandemic, Restore Stronger

11 6 2020 1NA

Unlimited support extended by our wise leadership to (First Defense line) workers, has revealed its great impact on energies outburst, capabilities sustainability, and generous plenteousness. Letter of appreciation and thanks issued by H.H. Sheikh Hamadan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince expressed to brothers and sisters at (First Defense Line), comes as additional incentive motivating them for more sacrifice and determination on the road to victory over the COVID 19 pandemic and to restore back strongly enough to pursue our developmental march.  

Efforts exerted tirelessly by our brothers and sisters the heroes of (First Defense Line), in fighting the pandemic; reflect their deep and firmed believe on their holy mission, expressed their competitiveness and innovative abilities, patriotism and unlimited sacrifice for their nation, sustainable humanitarian care extended day and night to everyone, everywhere,  with no discrimination. 

Our heroes in First Defense Line from different professions and specialties, have set a good example of sacrifice humanity and responsibility and proved their valued confidence on our wise leadership, its proactive vision dedicated to ensuring the protection of everyone in the society, which was existed even before first COVID 19 Case was registered, since then First Defense Line heroes stood our wise leadership ready, prepared and alert.  Alerted First Defense Line used latest technologies, along with other enablers owned by public and private sectors, health, security, educational, services and media organizations, etc., supported by the high level of awareness of locals and residents to fight and prevent the pandemic from spreading, which challenge the health sectors across the globe.

This global challenge was changed due to unlimited support of our wise leadership and wise cooperation from the public, to an occasion where loyalty to the nation is well expressed, and a platform for innovative initiatives towards recovery stage, and returning back to complete launched development march with strong determination and additional innovative abilities, under our prudent leadership confidently we will defeat the pandemic to dream of more bright future.

Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi

Director-General of Dubai Civil Defense

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