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DCD Accelerates Completion of Transactions - Brig. Expert Al Mutawa Announces: (8867) Transactions Achieved by the Safety Department during Pandemic Time

2020 06 16 1NA

 Excellency Brig. Expert Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, Assistant Director-General of Dubai Civil Defense for Fire and rescue Affairs, announced in a statement that a total number of transactions been achieved by the department of fire and safety through its various electronic and smart platforms, between March 26 and June 4, was estimated at (8867) transactions.

He asserted that DCD’S different platforms have witnessed an increased number of customers, since customer services centers were closed due to the emergency of the pandemic, and was instead replaced by the remote working system, adding the number of transactions achieved through electronic services webpage and smartphone applications hiked to reached 100%, as compared to the number of transaction achieved last year.

He also indicated that, due to the integration between electronic and smart platforms, the speed of achieving different safety transactions was very fast, as drawings transactions achieved was (3076), while consultants transactions were (1943), Décor transactions were estimated at (732), and Gas transactions was (401), completion certificates issued were (2156), and (3528) inspection transactions were recorded. Other transactions like inspection requests recorded were ( 1372), Hazard materials warehouses were (10), and the total number of companies approval statistics was (2263), tanks approval transactions achieved was (42), total maintenance contracts achieved was ( 1898), companies registration was ( 38), factories, agents and distributors licensing transactions together was estimated at (62), (25) maintenance companies,( 49) delegate cards and ( 193) technicians approval transactions were respectively achieved.  

Brig. Ali emphasized that DCD has made substantial achievements in the field of digital transactions, by giving high-quality services to its customers, which comes under its keenness to ensure the safety of both employees and customers, in line with preventive precautionary measures taken during current situation, and proved to be very efficient and effective, and has achieved remarkable success and observed results that exceeded the expectations in serving customers and community members,  at the time where digital conversion platforms and smart applications experienced more turnout.

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