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During Remote working Experience Assessment Meeting Gen. Al Matrooshi Declares: DCD Achieves Excellence, Success by Applying Infrastructure Digital System

2020 06 16 11NA

His Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, has confirmed at a virtual meeting presided by him, that DCD has accomplished substantial achievements and success in its key and supportive operations, during the time of working remotely from homes, due to the pandemic of novel CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19), as per performance and productivity measurement and technical procedures set to assure work continuity, based on the availability of smart infrastructure and modern applications and associated services, before pandemic has emerged, and as a result of DCD’S strategic plans and permanent applications designed to back up the continuity of DCD’S efforts to deal with the potential emergency situations.   

A statement was issued during the virtual meeting convened to evaluate the “institutional maturity of organizational units during the experience of the remote working system. The held meeting focused on discussing the maturity reports of “Government Communication Department”, in which he stressed on the importance of applying the principle of transparency during the assessment of pandemic period, addressing points of strength and improvement opportunities to achieve best results with least resources, also the case study of supportive services, which form 30% of DCD’S key operations. 

He noted also to the importance of extracting successful experiences of other departments, coordinating with the strategic partners for exchanging of expertizes, distributing administrative and professional competencies among sections and departments, to be utilized for future planning purposes, raising initiatives, and developmental suggestions to ensure development sustainability and international pioneering.

For her part, Mrs. Afaf Jassim Al Muheiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department, addressed the main assessment axis, sub-standards, programs and technological systems effectiveness, unit organizational structure, communicating with strategic partners, and efficiency and productivity of employees working remotely.

She indicated that assessment has proved the excellence and effectiveness of DCD’S working systems, as the department has managed in record time to successfully implement a remote working system, in accordance with a specific mechanism, ensuring the safety of personnel and performance perfection, based on best international practices.

She confirmed also that, institutional maturity assessment includes currently Resources and Supportive Services Department, Safety and Protection Sector, Strategy, and Future, as well as the Government Communication Department, and will continue to cover other departments as well.

The meeting was attended by Major Dr. Ahmed Yousuf Al Shengiti, director of Government Communication Department and heads of sections.

2020 06 16 22NA

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