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Statistics is Corner Stone of DCD’S Strategic Planning to Ensure Competitiveness Pioneering and Performance Excellence Achievement

2020 10 20 1NA

Col. Mattran Khalil ALMzain, DCD’S Operations Department Director Proclaimed:

{{Statistics is Corner Stone of DCD’S Strategic Planning to Ensure Competitiveness Pioneering and Performance Excellence Achievement}}

Dubai Civil Defence Department celebrates Statistics World Day, as nature all of its carried out activities are based directly on reliable statistical data, which timely provided to decision-makers, and which reflect the variables and indicators of the real progress of its operations and services, showing the actual improvement opportunities that bring about customer’s happiness, improving life quality needs since statistics are deemed an inevitable source to ensure correct decisions and effective actions are taken during strategic planning and at times of emergency, crisis, and disasters, where crucial decisions are supposed to be taken. 

The Dataset, which relates to population, and infrastructure irrespective of their sectors and fields, provided by (Dubai Statistics Center) throw (Statistical Map), forms an essential source of the developmental planning sources, adopted by DCD, and a crucial factor to achieving its developmental strategic goals, operational plans, and sustainable programs. 

DCD depends, in all of its main and supportive operations, on digital statistical data, that relate to the achievement of standard response time, and how it could be minimized, risks analyzing at different sites and buildings, size of human force required form incidents management, population culture divergence to meet the awareness purposes, building classification, readiness and the level of safety measure available to maintain their protection, and how time is perfectly managed during normal and emergency times, as ( fast response) is a considered an indicator and a criteria to measure emergency services best practices success.

2020 10 20 2NA



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