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Maj.Gen.Expert ALMatrooshi Comments on Ranking UAE in the First Place Across the Region in Prosperity Index

Speaking on Legatum institute prosperity index published results which placed UAE on top of all countries in the region, Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani quoted as saying:

“ Since the early days of our federal state announcement, our prudent leadership showed strong keenness to provide the community and its members with the required safety and security conditions, cities with the necessary infrastructure, developing legislations and backing plans and development programs as per most sophisticated international standards of safety in different economic sectors and community walks of life, as well as implementing cutting edge technologies to meet the needs of various community’s age groups irrespective of their nationalities, cultural backgrounds and preventive awareness levels. Hence, safety has become the pattern and goal of all public and private organization’s plans and applications, and since Civil Defence Department is not exception , it has made comparison with other advanced countries in safety field as kick off start and not an ultimate goal. Civil Defence was pioneer to design and implement first of its kind (Life and safety Code of practice) book in the region, prepare first electronic program to support rapid & sustainable development in construction sector, and in order to enhance firefighting teams efficiency it has also prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which sets out accident management standards in accordance to best practices that ensure cost and lost limitation, perform also a number of awareness campaigns include homes, industrial areas, educational institutions and services and entertainment organizations.


He added:
“Such remarkable accomplishments would have not been achieved without being working with other safety concerned private and public departments in one working team spirit. These safety stakeholders managed, with the help of adopted method of team spirit and the support gained from the community, to achieved safe environments in work place, home and public life. UAE was ranked by the Legatum prosperity index, a British institute, on top of Arab countries list for the eight year in row. According the results showed, UAE was ranked the first ,in the region, in the factors of (safety & Security), and ( personal freedom index), and the second in the factor ( Business Opportunities). Achieved result expresses the extend of development that our country is witnessing under the international competitive standards it widely applies and further to confirm the sustainability of development indicators and its progressive results in different sectors of development.

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