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Maj.Gen.Expert ALMatrooshi Receives Saudi Electricity Company Delegation


High ranking delegation from Saudi Electricity Company headed by Eng. Mansur Saleh AL Mansur, chief of Industrial security sector, and other members of the delegation was received by Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, during their official visit to Emirates Martyrs Fire Station. The visit aims at showing the visiting delegation Dubai Civil Defence best practices applied in its main and supportive operations. The review commenced with a brief demonstration presented by Mrs. Afaf Jassim, Director of Department of Strategy, about best applications achieved by Civil Defence in accordance to Federal Government and Dubai Government 2021, in legislative,awareness,preventive and firefighting fields, and the futuristic strategic plans to cope with rapid urbanization.

Then the delegation was briefed also by General ALMatrooshi about codes prepared and implemented by Dubai Civil Defence, such as (Emirates fire & life safety code of practice), (Standard Operating Procedures), Civil Defence Fire Stations Operating Guidelines) and ( Emirates Guide For Vehicles and Equipments Technical Specifications For Civil Defence), which constitute main sources of strength for Civil Defence success. The visiting delegation had inspection tour accompanied Director General and Brig. Ahmed Obaid ALSayegh, assist. Director for fire & rescue affairs, to operations room and trucks and equipments.

Members of delegation include, Eng. Mohammed Mahadi Gahtani, Eng. Fahad Shaded ALKhali, Eng. Mustafa Mohammed ALShahri, Eng. Walid Hussain Gowadi, Eng. Fahad Yahiya Gamedi, Eng. AbdullRahim Ahmed, Mr. Rashid Farhan, Eng. Dakheel Allah AlShahrani, Eng. Mohammed Abdullah ALKharshi. Welcoming ceremony was attended by Col. Rashid ALBufalsa, Lt.Col.Expert.Ahmed Kemidish, Lt.Col.Expert Ali Hassan Almutawa, Lt.Col. Ismail Abdullah and a number of other DCD’s officers.

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