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Maj.Gen. Expert ALMatrooshi Honors First Group of Address Hotel Knights and Other Civil Defence Distinguished Employees


In an special ceremony conducted at DCD’s Headquarters’ building, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid ALMatrooshi, has honored, the First group of (Address Hotel Knights), for wining Dubai Government Excellence Program award (Excellent Team category), and Col. Salem Khalifa ALMugrab (Head of excellent techno-project team) ,Assist. Director General for prevention and safety affairs, and Mrs. Afaf Jassim, General Coordinator of Dubai Excellent Program at Dubai Civil Defence and Director of Department of Strategy and Performance Development. Number of Civil Defence distinguished employees including sustainability leaders group , unknown solider ( sergeant Ali Gaffer), and field employee category candidate ( Sergeant major Hassan Abbas ALBlooshi, were also honored.

In his directive speech to honored employees Maj. ALMatrooshi confirmed:

Everyone should be aware about the fact that, Excellence is not merely a goal which is occasionally sought, but it becomes work attitude and a life style, hence individual and corporate excellence culture must be spread and implemented in all the joints of functional performance, in different locations and under different circumstances, in order to make it a method for integration and development, continuous spur to remedy any problems arising during implementation.

He added:

Address knights experience has shown the importance of having highly qualified and well trained cadre competent to respond and manage emergencies, transparency in dealing with incident and continuous news broadcast to assure the public, government bodies readiness to manage crisis and disasters, and the availability of successful planning and training system collectively leading to accident response in a standard time. So, we learnt from address knights experience to have one working team with one goal, then only Civil Defence’s vision (Toward making UAE one of the most safest and secure country of the world) can be achieved.

Dubai Civil Defence Director further confirmed:

Dubai Government excellence performance program has become a part of continual development system of individual and corporate functional performance, and encouragement tool for scientific assessment of methods and results, and an opportunity for checking and improvement according to an effective measurement tools and indicators.

Awarding Dubai Government excellence performance program prize to the Address Knights’ team ( distinguished work team category), was a result of its excellent role performed in dousing the address hotel fire. Winning team was able to control the fire in one minute time. The Creative implementation of SOPs requirements by responding team in response to changes dramatically taking place in the accident scene, and full utilization of onsite celebrations emergency preset plans also considered by them, proved to be effective along with onsite integration with other emergency teams.

Thus, honoring should motivate Civil Defence employees to , and at the same it double their responsibility to enhance DCD’ reputation being praised by all for many years in recognition of your achievements, and not for Address hotel incident only. As our wise leadership’s aspiration is to make UAE becomes the first in different fields worldwide, we at Civil Defence work as per rational and scientific plans to be internationally ranked on top in performance, services and skills aspects and to meet customers and employees satisfaction.

He ends saying:

Soon a program for training different leaders titled ( Fourth Generation Leadership) will be launched. The program focuses on different specialties, applications and standards of leadership, and it comes in line with functional standards excellence (fourth generation).These courses will target all leaders levels from the Second row leaders ( directors of departments and fire stations) , to shifts leaders level. The concept of (Fourth Generation leadership) will depend on results, plans efficiency and commitment, their impact on human force, individual productivity and corporate outcome, hence a step ahead is achieved the way of international excellence together with other global Civil Defence authorities.

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