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461 Evacuation Drills Carried out during the First half of 2016 ,said General ALMatrooshi

Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi ,Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, confirmed during reviewing evacuation drills’ plan carried out by Civil Defence different fire stations on the highlight of fire & rescue department’s training tasks the following:

Evacuation drills is considered one of the main pillars of Civil Defence strategic plans which lies under the axis of coordination, support and excellent performance of responding to crisis and disaster. This why operations department sets annual target number for evacuation drills to be achieved by each fire station, the targeted number and buildings classification is determined based on analyzing the reality, level of potential risks and annual statistics results of number and types of fire accidents in different sectors.

Evacuations drills aims to work in association with other stakeholders to face crisis and disasters by setting emergency plan, how to handle them in minimum possible time, work to save lives and properties from the risk consequences, raise fire centers readiness, minimize response time and increasing coordination with other supportive entities.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is implemented to enhance the efficiency of evacuations drills , beside other operational plans to face all potential emergencies relevant assumptions, and setting precautionary measures to prevent them or alleviate the losses. Although the number of evacuations drills targeted for the first half of 2016 was (375 evacuation drills), but fire stations managed to carried out 461 and time taken to complete each drill was 29.7, estimated total number of persons benefited from these drills was 243,515 persons. 3,778 fire fighters, 807 policemen, and 1,007 Paramedics were involved in execution of these evacuations drills. Rate of arrival time rate to drill site was 6.7 minutes. Customers satisfaction percentage achieved was 98,3%. Satwa fire station alone performed 79 drills. Evacuations drills carried out in 102 hotels, 83 government departments, 75 companies, 66 educational institutions, 51 towers,35 residential buildings, 15 hospital, 9 shopping malls, 7 banks and 7 labor accommodations.

Maj. Al Matrooshi ends saying:

Coming future will witness more drills in hospitals and primary health care centers, in addition to training safety teams at buildings on evacuations and fire safety skills.

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