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Maj.Gen. ALMatrooshi Honors Standard Procedures Guide for Operating Civil Defence Fire Stations Preparation Committee

Dubai Civil Defence Director General, Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi honored committee members assigned to prepare Standard Procedures Guide for Operating Civil Defence Fire Stations, which was working under his direct supervision and follow up.

He praised the attempt as an international initiative, carried out by a highly qualified and experienced national cadres, who compiled gained experienced with latest standards and best practices to deliver this Guide which is high in value, objective and goals, integrated contents, and simplified way of information display and release to users.

He also indicated to the importance of the scientific research methods adopted by the committee, its dedication to study and analyze basic requirements for selecting model Civil Defence fire centers locations, structural designs and excellent operating standards, to ensure Guide’s contents meet the actual needs of model centers.

Director confirmed professional application of Guide’s contents is essential to enhance them, especially they include all fundamental aspects to establish and operate fire stations , such as :

    Fire Station location selection standards
    Fire Station design and construction standards
    Mechanism for Preparation of Fire Station annual plans and Balance Sheet
    Fire Station administrative and organizational operation
    Fire Station institutional Monitoring
    Fire Station employees Health and Occupational Safety

Integration of Civil Defence major and supportive services constitutes a base for strategic planning and excellence application, and fundamental factor to achieve Civil Defence vision ( To have UAE one of the most secure and safe countries of the world) by embedding  physical infrastructure, qualified and effective human force , efficient administrative system, incentive working environment and securing health and occupational safety of employees. Honored committee members include Lt.Col. Pilot Expert Osman Mohammed Ahali , committee Chairman, Capt. Ali Mohammed AlFalasi, head of team, Ist.Sergeant Major Fatima Mohammed AlMarzouqi (member), Ist.Sergeant Major Khalid Rashid Bin Suleiman ( member), Sergeant Major Ibrahim Ali AlBloushi (member), Ist. Sergeant Abdullah Hassan AlBloushi (member) and Civil Employee Mr. Faisal Abdullatif ( Graphic Designer).

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