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Dubai Civil Defence Academy Hall Named After Martyr Jassim AlBloushi

Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence confirmed, while addressing the eulogy ceremony of valiant firefighter martyr Jassim Essa AlBloushi, attended by Civil Defence officers and directors, during which he named one of Emirates Civil Defence Academy halls after him saying:

Martyr AlBloushi, who died while battling aircraft blaze at Dubai airport on 03/08/16, will remain a symbol of self-sacrifice for others and nation, to become one of the long list of Civil Defence martyrs who sacrificed themselves to protect others’ lives, properties and national wealth during Civil Defence long history.

Maj Gen Al Matrooshi also hailed all previous Civil Defence personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty, sacrificing their own selves in order to protect and save lives, and preserve public wealth and private property.

"Civil Defence is a profession of difficult tasks and sacrifices, which requires a high degree of courage, responsibility and selflessness. Jassim is one of the brightest examples of this unique role," Al Matrooshi said.

"The highest form of generosity and sacrifice he displayed will make him a role model for the new generation and all successive ones of Civil Defence men, who will get to know these values from the start of their careers, when they enter the Academy," Al Matrooshi noted.

The Civil Defence not only trains and qualifies men in professional life-saving, fire-fighting and other security aspects, but also on the national values of sacrifice and responsibility, discipline and courage, pointed out Al Matrooshi. All types of Civil Defence work are noble humanitarian missions, he said

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