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DCD to Launch Working to Make You Happy Initiative

Director general of Dubai Civil Defence Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMtrooshi has launched an initiative named” working to make you Happy” which aims to clear all inspections transactions pending in waiting list to be cleared before September end in just two weeks’ time to becomes Zero transactions.

Effective from October first any application submitted for inspecting accomplished building ready for inspection, will be cleared within 24 hours.

General ALMtrooshi Casted light on the initiative’s importance Saying:
Civil Defence is generally responsible for safety and protection of resources, including lives and properties, and also the protection of different sectors of economy and enhancing its growth is one of Civil Defence main operations. Therefore, we are very keen to facilitate our procedures delivered to investors, companies, businessmen, governmental departments as well as the community.

Civil Defence delivered inspection  services  to building contractors, fire alarm companies, fire contractors companies, Décor companies, investors and public sector.  Buildings and establishment are evaluated by inspection teams to ensure safety measures are in place prior to the issuance of completion certificate, gas system completion certificate, building and décor projects licensing.

“Due to rapid development and increasing in the number and size of projects, it was a must to find new ways and steps to meet the needs of this expansion  and in the same time to ensure fire safety Code measures are implemented. According to the two weeks long initiative inspectors are instructed to finish inspecting ready building in 24 hours’ time, from the date application is submitted. By the end of September transactions must be Zero. No urgent charges are applied to accelerate the inspection “

He added.

Safety department and its inspectors teams are instructed by Maj.Gen. ALMatrooshi to double the efforts to complete the inspection procedure in the buildings which is ready to be inspected within the time frame of the launched initiative  ( Working to Make You Happy), by working day and night. As from October first any building inspection application submitted will be conducted in 24 hours only.

Ist. Lt. Taher Hassan Head of Inspection Section explained saying:

Our inspection teams managed, under the initial acceleration campaign, to accomplished 100 transactions during the month of August as compared to 65 ones during July, prior to launching (Making You Happy) initiative.

About 3000 transactions are submitted to licensing and inspection section and in the waiting list for processing, despite some of these buildings are ready for inspection, which requires to be checked more than one time, to ensure safety Code stipulations are implemented.

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