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Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) Awards Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid ALMatrooshi International Excellence and Innovation Medal

In recognition of Dubai Civil Defence commitment to Excellence and Innovation, Mr. David Etheridge,Elected President of CFOA and Chief Fire Officer of Oxford Shire Fire and Rescue Service, has awarded His Excellency Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi, International Excellence and Innovation Medal during the inauguration ceremony of Excellence and Innovation Forum, held today morning in Dubai. Senior officers from Dubai Civil Defence and UK officers were attended. Maj.Gen. Expert ALMatrooshi is first Fire Chief outside UK to receive this Medal worldwide, for his strategic vision to upgrade fire services, distinguished accidents management role, including Address Hotel fire accident on Christmas eve.

In his inaugural speech delivered Mr. David confirmed:
Conducting this forum here in Dubai comes to express the appreciation of CFOA and UK Fire and Rescue Authority, supported by Ministry of International Cooperation in UK, for Dubai Civil Defence showed commitment towards excellence and innovation standards and applications in the fields fire suppression, rescue, accidents management and implementation of latest technology in delivering Civil Defence services, and for its leading position in setting strategies, best practices and innovations in the field of protection and Firefighting, where society believe it deserve to be shared by all fire departments across the Globe.

Hence, CFOA and UK Fire and Rescue work tirelessly to enhance their cooperation and coordination with DCD, to embed the concepts and application of excellence in Fire and Rescue teams performance achieved in Dubai and can be transfer to other countries, exchange of information and expertize and sustainability of joint work for the mutual benefit of both sides.

Then Gen. Expert ALMatrooshi delivered a Speech saying:
Department of Dubai Civil Defence is always keen and committed to partake in all conferences and forums focusing on innovations, whether relates to services, operations, policies, systems or technologies etc. I truly believe, innovations no doubt will have genuine impact on the improvement of fire and rescue profession. Since this profession, is highly dedicated to protect lives and properties, require sustainable and fast respond moves to all demands, particularly in today’s world that changes rapidly in all walks of life.

We endeavor to reshape future through implementing the sophisticated Nano technology in fire suppression, minimization of its effects and mitigation of losses in lives and properties, at the same time by doing so seeking to change fire and rescue concepts and applications. Professionals and experts are involve to analyze fire and rescue needs in a varied technological circumstances, and to face ground challenges, and to assess firefighters developing abilities, and to propose innovative solutions for potential problems, as well as meeting different requirements of our highly risk profession to serve its noble ends.

And as a part of our efforts for succeeding the vision, we launched the Global (Fire safety Innovation Award), to form a smart platform to receive all innovations from local and international fire experts, universities students, Global fire safety concerned entities. Award aims to enhance the spirit of innovation, translating researches and scientific concepts into applicable projects, and to assimilate local and international expertise and knowledge and encouraged in UAE.

From this platform, we inviting all of you and the other members of your association, and all those who are concern with fire and rescue sciences and applications to participate in this Fire safety Innovative Award.

Ladies and Gentlemen,,
As we shared the passion to enhance cooperation within the fire profession across the globe, we assured our commitment to coordinate and cooperate for mutual benefit’s, understanding of expertise, innovations attraction for the greater good of protecting lives, properties, wealth and environment.

At the end, wishing you forum all the success, our valued guest good stay and Sustainable cooperation and coordination among all.

After speech was delivered, Maj.Gen.Expert ALMatrooshi and Mr. David awarded Washington Hall Fire Training College graduates Fire Diploma certificates and appreciation decorations, being the first group of Fire Officers in Gulf region to receive these decorations.

Then Mr. Steve Hamm Chairman of Fire Engineers society announced that Dubai Civil Defence and its fire Officers were awarded associate membership of the society. He also awarded the Fellowship of the society to Col. Rashid ALBuflasa, Assist Director General for Fire and Rescue, for Dubai Civil Defence role played in transfer and exchange expertize with Civil Defence Authorities.

Later He demonstrated Fellowship program to Dubai Civil Defence Officers.

Then, they together announced the opening of the Society main branch For Middle East and Gulf region here in Dubai.

Followed by a brief introduction about the Society’s role and its professional commitment towards Dubai Civil Defence, presented by Mr. Ian Moore Chairman of Fire Industry Association.

Memorandum of Understanding between Dubai Civil Defence and Chief Fire Officers Association was signed as well by Maj.Gen. Rashid ALMatrooshi and David Etheridge, which addresses technological changes, fire and rescue profession needs and methodologies, Future reshaping, meeting innovation environment needs. Mr. John Bony, chairman of National Resilience, who represents NFPA in UK, was present during the signing ceremony.

As is well known, Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) combines all Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs) across UK, to enhance effectiveness of services for the benefit of the whole community. It represents the profession common vision through its deep-rooted relationship with higher Fire and rescue Department..

CFOA is dedicated to embed the safe community requirements to ensure protection of people and locations against potential risks. In addition to its prime role in country development.

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