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Our History

Our History:

1- Supreme Council for Federation has issued decision No (4) of 1976 which approves the establishment of  (Directorate General of Civil Defence) undertakes to protect citizens, public & private properties, rescue affected people, ensure the safety of transportation, ensure workflows properly in public facilities, and finally protect sources of national wealth during the emergency and public disasters. The decision also states that fire brigades in all emirates of the federation to be merged in the directorate general being one of the main authorities of Ministry of Interior.  

2-Ministerial decision No (154) of the year 1991, pertaining special rules related to fire risks at public establishments.

3- Ministerial decision No (6) of 1992, pertaining to Civil Defence services fees.

4- Ministerial decision No( 484) of 1993, pertaining notice of caution issued to establishments subjected to Civil Defence law.

5- Federal law No( 23) of 2006, pertaining to Civil Defence Affairs.

6- Order No (2) of 2009. Pertaining to fire safety in the emirate of Dubai.  

- Ministerial decision No (24) of 2012, pertaining to Civil Defence Services.

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