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Gen. Expert. ALMatrooshi notes "Ministry of Possibilities" A chance to Have Government Model Astounds the World

2019 04 24 11NA

"The word impossible does not exist in our Dictionary. And will not be part of our future"

As confirmed by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid ALMaktoum, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai ,We at Civil Defense are very keen to make "Ministry of Possibilities " a globally  unprecedented pioneering ,  as virtual and untraditional   Government initiative, and opportunity and extra incentive for us to innovate government model that astounds the world, either as Civil Defense services delivery independent team ,or as being one of the innovative and pioneering building team members in Dubai. 

Committed to work with our strategic partners in public and private sectors, and all other components of the community according to the principle of  proactive thinking methodology,  to innovate new organizational forms, prepare strategic policies, creating untraditional applicable procedures, to be pillars of radical changes in our government daily routine work, to convert challenges imposed by rapid sustainable development process ,into success and excellence  factors pursuant to International competitiveness pioneering standards, through adoption of innovative thinking mechanism opens to fields of knowledge, new working models applying different artificial intelligence achievements, to upgrade our humanity skills and capabilities, improve our applied scientific and technological abilities to higher efficient and effective  levels,that respond to future requirements and needs and   meet the requirements for improving the present life. Also, ensures improving the life of the community, assured its happiness, and establishes knowledge basic foundation to host upcoming generation’s sustainable renaissance.


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