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Via Smart MOU DCD, DM Have 3D Experience to Simulate Reality

2019 05 28 1111NA

In a unique new technological progress and an experience that Simulates the reality, and translates the wise leadership vision towards reshaping the future, utilizing artificial intelligence accelerators, enhancing the capabilities of Dubai Government entities to keep abreast with latest invented technologies, and implementing the strategic plan,  Dubai Civil Defense director general Maj. gen. expert Rashid Thani Almatrooshi, director and HE Eng. Dawood Abdullrahman Alhajri have signed smart Memorandum of Understanding, using the Holograms room technology , in the field of geo location technologies, which set to determine basic s of providing location and maps data for infrastructure,   in order to ensure advanced services are delivered to customers.

Worth mentioning is that, Holograms technology resembles communication with far distanced others, as if   they are present amongst us. This latest technology is used by the two entities to facilitate understanding, reduce distances and save the time, and quick services delivery. The Holograms room is well fitted with all means of communication and allows journalists to interact and raise their questions and receive answers simultaneously.


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