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To Ensure Pilgrims Perform Rites Smoothly DCD Organizes Awareness Lectures, Practical exercises

2019 08 06 1NA

Dubai Civil Defence organized in association with Department of Islamic affairs and Charitable Work, awareness lecture and practical training for Dubai Government Pilgrims official mission, as part of DCD's strategic annual plan, to train   Pilgrims on how to handle emergency cases, and helping them to perform their pilgrim rites easily, and communicating with KSA concerned authorities, spreading preventive culture across society members as well to ensure best practices are implemented in fire Safety field.

Civil Protection Department focused on clarifying requirements and advises to  be followed by Pilgrims to avoid different types of incidents, to preserve public Safety, preforming religious rituals without any hindrances, implementing safe evacuation at times of emergency, and practical training on how to use manual fire extinguishers.

For his part, Captain Zayed  Abdouly, deputy director of Dubai Parks fire station while delivering the lectures to identify the public risks and causes of fires, necessity if avoiding flames inside tents except in the specified areas, adhere to tents entry and exit procedures, he raised examples of incidents that have happened last year to review learned lessons and to avoid recurrence for ensuring the safety of Pilgrims.

Captain Hamdan Suwaidi, deputy director of Civil Protection department emphasized that Dubai Civil Defence regularly conducts such awareness campaigns in cooperation with strategic partners, through which our capabilities employed to serve holy places pilgrims who are trained on theories of ignition and suspension, urging them to comply with Saudi Civil Defence requirements applied in UAE Pilgrims camps

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