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COL. Almutawaa Honors Contributors to DCD'S Operations

2019 08 29 1NA

Col. expert Ali Hassan Almutawaa, assistant director general for fire and rescue affairs, has honored two different persons in recognition of the valued contributions in assisting fighter efforts.  Mr. Abdullahmid Abdullah, owner of "Mohammed Iqbal" restaurant located at Business Bay district, for his contribution to assist a fire squad while combating a fire incident erupted in under construction building. Second person honored was student Tarish Buttai Tarish Humiari, studying at DEWA Vocational and Academic Development center, for his valued efforts exerted in the evacuation training drill carried out at DEWA Training Complex in Hudiba area.

Col. Almutawaa confirmed that Dubai Civil Defense reserve no efforts to booster ties with the society sectors to enhance their contribution in fire Safety and protection, and such honoring act depicts Dubai Civil Defense vision and appreciation for the roles of community's members, and to encourage them to interact with surrounding events, in line with the philosophy of bonding community partnership and embedding the idea of understanding.


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