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Gen. Almatrooshi Chairs Fire & Rescue Innovation Laboratory Sessions

2019 10 05 1NA

Maj. Gen. Expert  Rashid Thani Almatrooshi, director general, has chaired fire and rescue innovation laboratory sessions held  as part of “Together towards Leadership” scheme initiative, comes in line with DCD’s strategy and plans aiming at international leadership, creating positive motivated  environment, and involving others in decision making process, in the presence of Col. Expert Ali Hassan Almutawaa, assistant director for fire and rescue affairs, and directors officers of departments and fire stations.

Laboratory sessions include full scale analysis of the sector and identifying the hindrances based on practical experienced faced, discussing solutions which can improve the efficiency of the sector, setting positive initiatives and raising developmental ideas.

Almatrooshi demonstrated in the beginning of session’s response time axis, ways to discuss innovative ideas set to accelerate fire incidents response time and how appropriate responding means can be developed to ensure responding to fire incidents is done in the shortest possible time from the time report was received, as per best international standards applied. He also discussed fire stations performance operational indicators, and workers occupational safety pivotal as well.

Sessions witnessed elaborative discussions regarding challenges and difficulties faced by fire and rescue sector, including administrative aspects, human resources, delivered operations and services, assets and properties management, confirmed Almatrooshi.

 Working tirelessly according to a tuned steps to upgrade our services and to achieve development sustainability in our specialized filed operations, and aspiring through these steps to achieve international leadership, He concluded.

For his part, Col. Expert Almutawaa, assist. Director general of fire and rescue affairs,  has indicated that innovative laboratory seeks to enhance and promote all possible ways of supporting our aspirations to achieve international leadership in our field of specialty, where a number of new initiatives ,having  positive impact on reality, have been reviewed, to achieve best response time , implementing best practices applied to achieve excellence and leadership, and extracting positive aspects  from our fire and rescue operations successful experiences.

Dedicated to maintain high level of equipment and operational capacities which respond to different types of emergencies, indicated Almutawaa.

A number of procedures are in place aiming to improve the working system within the sector, including fire station management system, matrix of powers and responsibilities, granting stations’ directors the power to honoring the staff, emphasized Almutawaa.

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