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In Innovation Laboratory Closing Ceremony Gen. Almatrooshi: DCD among Other Departments Seeking To Achieve Wise Leadership Ambition

2019 10 09 11NA

In the presence of Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Almatrooshi, director general of Dubai Civil Defense, DCD has concluded its project named “Together towards Leadership”, sessions. Smart services Sector as well as Safety & Protection sector session held under this project was chaired by Almatrooshi, in the presence of Brig. Rashid Khalifa ALBuflasah, assistant director general for Smart Services and Lady Afaf Jassim AlMheiri, director of Strategy and Future department, in which both sectors reality were analyzed based on practical experiences and challenges they faced were identified. Solutions to rectify the situations, positive and innovative ideas were raised and discussed.

AlMatrooshi addressed the audience stressing on the leading role they should play, based on Dubai pioneering role in different arenas, which enabled Dubai Civil Defense to develop integrated system derived from international best practices in studying and approving innovative ideas, implementing to achieve positive tangible results, while reshaping the future.

He added, Dubai Civil Defense is part of other entities seeking to translate the ambition of wise leadership into reality, and strong supporter of innovative ideas and initiatives as per scheduled timeframe ending by 2019.

AlMatrooshi indicated that it is time to reorganize the past and analysis the reality of different sectors, preparing and setting development scope that comes in line with Government directives , committed to transparency in our performance, mission and polices, and activities across various administrative  levels, in order to support development operations and create challenge facing innovative solutions. 

Almatrooshi emphasized that all sectors work in harmony to achieve DCD’s strategy and polices of delivering best services to the customers and ensure their happiness.

He urged, all initiatives must be documented to achieve anticipated development, human resources along other development aspects including technologies and materials must be provided also.

He also urged service providers to provide customers with the best services, which they expect when availing by themselves to get services from other government departments.

Transaction simplification, professionalism, staff training sustainability along with commitment are deemed necessary to improve performance and efficiency in order to achieve strategic goals, Concluded Almatrooshi.

For his part, Brig. Rashid ALbufalsah, confirmed that Dubai Civil Defense dedicated to adopt innovative ideas, which enable the improvement and development of institutional performance, fostering Dubai position as the most innovative and creative city worldwide, spreading motivated and innovative practices, which reflect our firmed commitment to shape the  future  and ensure best services are delivered to customers, confirming projects and initiatives such as “Together towards Leadership” turn Dubai Civil Defense into development and creative motived environment, allowing the emergence of best solutions across different sectors.

2019 10 09 22NA


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