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General Smart Services

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 General Smart Services:

  • Facility to visit the Civil Defence page on social media (Facebook, Twiter, Youtube, Instagram).
  • Facility to report an emergency to concerned authorities.
  • Users can send any photos or video clips of any case wanted to report.
  • The facility of quick contact with Dubai Civil Defence GHQ.
  • Upload a representative card on a mobile phone to convert into an m-card.
  • DCD can send awareness or alert SMS to application users.
  • General Information of DCD is accessible to users and can visit the web site.
  • Safety tips/information on how to deal with fires are made accessible to users.
  • Users can lodge their suggestions/complain to DCD.
  • Customers satisfaction questionnaire about DCD delivered services.
  • Information about fire stations and contact details.
  • Identifying the closest fire station to the user.
  • Identifying the closet hospital to the user.
  • Publishing DCD news.
  • Changing password.
  • Inquiry about the transaction status.
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