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As part of “Flag Protectors” Initiative DCD, WAF seek to Boost National Identity

2019 10 29 111NA

Brig. Rashid Khalifa ALBuflasah, assistant director general for smart services at Dubai Civil Defense, and Col. Expert Ali Hassan Almutawaa, assistant director general for fire and rescue, have reviewed ways of cooperation with Watanna Alimarat Foundation upon receiving Mr. Ahmed Saif Bin Hanzal, director of supportive services at the foundation, and his accompanied delegation. Meeting was held as part of “Flag protectors” initiative organized by DCD’s Government Communication department and Watanna Alimarat Foundation, to boost the national identity and spread home land flag culture.

Both parties, discussed UAE national flag protocol, ways of how to use it in all national events, ongoing coordination in different joint events and activities to ensure its success, also assured the delivery of its message and meaning is instilled, the concept of citizenship as adopted culture, concerning everyone who lives in UAE, and how to enhance the joint cooperation in various volunteering areas, which its pillars were laid by the wise leadership.

Bu ALflasah emphasized that convened meeting expressed the dedication of both entities to serve the nation and raise national spirit of employees, confirming Dubai civil Defense gives national events a top priority in its annual agenda, and wide involvement with local and expatriates, which in turn enhances awareness of national events, including National and Flag days.

For his part Col. Ali indicated that, meeting discussed also the axis of citizenship, which is crystalized in UAE, by enhancing its spirit amongst both locals and expatriates equally, due to the virtue of the directives of the wise leadership, also previewed ways of joint cooperation in all areas of volunteering work, activation of community initiatives.He stressed Dubai Civil Defense is dedicated to tackle its community role and fostering partnership with all other  entities via department of Government communication, to entrench community and humanitarian values.Watanna Alimarat Foundation was honored by Brig. Rashid and awarded DCD shield in recognition of its sincere efforts to link different community sectors with national events.Meeting was attended by Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf ALshangeeti, acting director of Government Communication department, Lady Huwaida Bin Touq, deputy director of Government communication department and sections heads.

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