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Brig. Rashid Celebrates DG Excellence Award Winners of Smart Service Sector

2019 11 05 222NA

Assistant Director General of Smart Services Brig. Rashid Khalifa ALBuflasa has celebrated with his staff who are Director General Excellence Award 2019 winners, in its first edition.

Rashid praised the o winners excellence shown in different award categories, and confirmed that sector involves constellation of outstanding employees in different specialty areas.

He urged them to expand their participation in the second edition to take place next year, stressing his great confidence that they will gain more trophy.

Rashid also encouraged the award winning to continue their efforts to climb the podiums and gaining more trophies.

Brig. Rashid emphasized that, such award contributes positively to enhance the spirit of competitiveness to gain more trophies, and also will be reflected in the institution overall performance and its development sustainability, and the improvement of delivered services quality.

2019 11 05 333NA


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