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DCD, Health Medication Center Launch in Association with AL Madallah Flu Vaccination Campaign

2019 11 06 11NA

Dubai Civil Defense has launched seasonal Flu vaccination campaign, at Technical affairs department, as winter season 2019 is approaching, which is organized by Public Health Section at Civil Protection Department in association with Health Medical center and Almadallah health insurance Management Company.

Organized campaign aims at protection employees against common viruses that caused by seasonal Flu, and raising awareness about the necessity of vaccination and prevention and treatment ways. 

The campaign will continue for 2 days long, and will include Nad Alshiba fire station, on Thursday and Barsha fire station on Sunday.

Campaign held in the presence of Col. Suleiman Abdullkarim AL Baoloushi, director of technical affairs department and Lady Zainah ALhadidi, head of public health section.

2019 11 06 22NA


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