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Brig. Bu ALFlasa, Col. Expert ALMutawaa Attend Nad Alshiba Fire Station Celebration to mark 48th UAE National Day

2019 12 03 4NA

Brig. Rashid Khalifah Bu ALFlasa, assistant Director General for Smart Services and Col. Expert Ali Hassan ALMutawaa, assistant Director General for Fire and Rescue affairs at Dubai Civil Defense HQ, have attended the event organized by Nad AL Shiba fire and Rescue station to commemorate 48th UAE National Day.

Event was attended by Major Mohammed Abdullrhaman AL Saleh, station’s director, Capt. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, director of Government Communication department.

AL Mutawa has praised the efforts and sacrifices demonstrated by fire and rescue teams in protecting lives and properties, and their role to make community sectors feel happy through instilling DCD’S work and reserve no efforts to achieve its vision, making UAE one of the best countries worldwide in achieving safety and security.

He emphasized that, Dubai Civil Defense march steadily with firmed steps from achieving success to another to implement the vision of the wise leadership. DCD’S celebrations event to mark UAE National Day reflects the spirit of union, and the Joy of celebration, through which we demonstrate allegiance to our wise leadership to go ahead in the path of  Global excellence and leadership, and show our commitment to sacrifice all precious and valuables things we possess to see our nation stays  high.

Col. Ali has honored 1st Corporal Obaid Isa ALfalasi, in recognition of his professional distinction, which eligiblized him for winning General Director Award Trophy for Golden Firefighter, in its first edition.

2019 12 03 1NA



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