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Director General Tour

As a part of his Ramadan tour to different fire stations to share Iftar with on duty fire and rescue teams, Major General Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi Director General of Dubai Civil Defence visited ALRashydia fire station and shared the meal of Ramadan fast breaking with firefighters. After the Iftar, he cordially listened to their comments , developmental suggestions and replied all their inquiries.

Then He stressed in his speech on :

The importance of serving every one without any exemption and to be highly alerted in Ramadan,  where demand for using more sources of ignition increases in homes & restaurants as more people are gathering to celebrate this holy occasion. Therefore, more attention is required to handle risks causes to avoid any act which could  result in fire or other risks threating the community and its members.

Then went to explain to them the humanitarian nature of firefighting and rescue job, and its vital role for mankind despite associated risk. Hence, in order to ensure response time is minimized, operations is carried out effectively and best results is achieved, we must enhance field standby, specialized training, individual and team readiness, professional skills and ability to use latest equipments available.

He added:
We all urge to work hardly in accordance to international safety standards , taking into consideration achieved accomplishments and the best practices, Civil Defence applies to make Dubai always in the forefront.

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