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DCD Concludes Third Training Sessions for Employees

2019 12 05 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense has concluded the third training session, organized by Department of Training and Performance Development, at Desert Palm Dubai, as part of its strategy and method to maintain ongoing developing process aiming at improving capabilities and administrative skills of its employees at different levels, and support them to achieve success.  

First training session objectives include “employee’s assessment as per Dubai Government performance system”, implementing principles of Governance through transparency, accountability and ensuring integrity, implementing functional performance management system, learning rewards system based on functional performance measurement, as well as punishment system. 

While second session titled “Body language”, which aims to introduce the basics expressive body language signs, and how to react with, using expressive reading skills to build effective dialogue, acquiring and developing visual skills and results analysis, associated with practical workshops to demonstrate new Body language used in different walks of life.

Third Session focused on “ Operational Plan preparation Concepts”, participant’s skills and knowledge development, and empowering them on how to prepare effective operational plans, implementation to ensure targets are achieved, organize and arrange work tasks, knowing tasks requirements based on each stage of the plan.

2019 12 05 2NA

2019 12 05 3NA

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