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2019 12 08 11NA

Maj. Gen. expert Rashid Thani Almatrooshi, director general of Dubai Civil Defense, presented glimpses of his Inspiring experience in leadership and management  line, where he narrated his long honorable Chronicle of achievements since he graduated as lieutenant in the army, different posts assumed until his current position as Director General of Dubai Civil Defense.

Glimpses was presented during the third session of ongoing initiative  branded as "30 Minutes With a Leader", launched by Civil Defense Youth Council,  titled this time as " How to Become Inspiring Leader",

Which aims at sharing accumulated experiences acquired the leaders over more than 20 years, in order to inspire the Youth with innovative ideas to enhance and enrich their role in all walks of life.

Audiences were motivated by Al Matrooshi words stated during the session, which comes to confirming the fact that leadership is an art which basically relates to the leader personality, in addition to his talent and other abilities including innovative skills, positivity, culture,   hardworking, research and reading capabilities.

Al Matrooshi also emphasized that true leader is like a skilled ship's captain who can sail to arrive in the shore safely despite of all bad weather conditions,

He indicated that, he was inspired by the role model of the wise leadership in facing challenges, ability to carry out tasks assigned in the most appropriate manner

Al Matrooshi also urged the Youth to follow the steps of our wise leadership, and to embrace the values of national identity and heritage, to confidently shoulder the responsibilities, reserve no efforts to maintain the nation reputation, achieving DCD'S institutional and professional excellence, which contributes largely in lives and properties protection and realizing our vision to become

The best in the world.

He also disclosed the idea of DOLPHIN Project marine and water ways fire suppression system, since it was merely an idea ,  before was developed following long discussions to become true, saying he talked to H.H. Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, explaining the feasibility of the idea, who have immediately responded by instructing us to implement it at all UAE Civil Defense departments, and then the idea becomes popular, as BBC TV channel telecasted special episode about the full story, implementation and success.  More than 100 Million viewers reacted to the first tweeter about DOLPHIN fire system.

Al Matrooshi also stressed that leader thought must accommodates his employees innovative ideas, support and contribute in developing them, requesting the Youth to take advantage of cutting edge technology, accelerators and Artificial Intelligence in reshaping the future.

Among session attendees were Lt. Col Ismail Ahmed Abdullah, director of Port Saeed fire station, Lady Afaf Jassim,director of Polices and Decision Support department, Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communications department, fire stations deputy directors and DCD'S officers, Mrs. Huwaida Bin Touq, deputy director of Government Communications department, heads of Sections who have positively reacted to presentation.

For his part Captain Taher Hassan head of Companies Approval Section and member of Civil Defense Youth Council stressed that H.E Director General has rich and diversified accumulative experience in leadership and administrative management, and based on this huge experience no doubt he have successes to inspire the Youth and instill the spirit of leadership on them, so we are more optimistic about the future and self' confident to shoulder the responsibilities following his steps.

2019 12 08 77NA


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2019 12 07 99NA

Nad ALShiba fire and rescue center has conducted an initiative branded as “Warm Winter”, which was started by distributing winter clothes to working classes, including workers at under construction buildings and cleaning companies.

The drive, which concurs with the arrival s of winter season, comes as part of DCD’S voluntary program, which becomes tangible service that its entire staff are involved in it, based on its vision aiming at spreading the concept of community services and instilling voluntary work culture, approved by the wise leadership.

Maj. Mohammed AL Saleh, Center’s director, stressed that the initiative is derived from our responsibility towards community members, which need support in different sectors, and to activate social solidarity and cohesion, which are urged by our religion and deep-rooted values.

He also confirmed Dubai Civil Defense employs all its capabilities and experiences to contribute to voluntary work and support positive initiatives, which entrenched over years, and its tools and goals developed to become a comprehensive program and example for charitable activities for all sectors of community.

2019 12 07 22NA

2019 12 07 66NA


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2019 12 06 11NA

Energy Conservation Committee (ECC) at Dubai Civil Defense HQ, has organized awareness lecture for cleaning staff, based on Headquarters and fire centers, on ways how water and electricity power can be conserved.

Said lecture aims at raising awareness level, at the same time and intensify efforts through workshops and lectures to focus on the importance of water and electricity conservation, being a part of community responsibility.

Both Lady Amal Shehab and Ms Houria Tariq , members of energy conservation committee, focused during the lecture  on basics points of ideal usage of energy, without any misuse, and giving important usage guidelines for the labor, including how to use energy resources in most appropriate way, considering a number of steps, which lead to consumption reduction, avoiding environment damaging due to malpractices,  and measures to be rapidly taken to handle water leakage and energy faults.

2019 12 06 22NA

Last modified on Sunday, 08 Dec 2019 11:39

2019 12 06 2NA

Excellency major General Expert Rashid Thani Rashid AL Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, has participated with the diplomatic mission of UAE, based in London their celebration to mark UAE 48th National Day, organized by Health attaché, affiliates to “DHA”, in the presence of Dr. Suhaila Hassan Qaied, Director of London based Health office.

AL Matrooshi praised the role of UAE Embassy in London, in celebrating the 48 National Day, which expresses its honor and glory spirits towards the UAE nation and its wise leadership.

 Commemorating the great event of union establishment, which makes the UAE, due to its prudent leadership, in the forefront of the countries global arena, and laid down the foundation stones of renaissance and development, which our nation proudly outmatch other nations.


Last modified on Sunday, 08 Dec 2019 11:21

2019 12 05 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense has concluded the third training session, organized by Department of Training and Performance Development, at Desert Palm Dubai, as part of its strategy and method to maintain ongoing developing process aiming at improving capabilities and administrative skills of its employees at different levels, and support them to achieve success.  

First training session objectives include “employee’s assessment as per Dubai Government performance system”, implementing principles of Governance through transparency, accountability and ensuring integrity, implementing functional performance management system, learning rewards system based on functional performance measurement, as well as punishment system. 

While second session titled “Body language”, which aims to introduce the basics expressive body language signs, and how to react with, using expressive reading skills to build effective dialogue, acquiring and developing visual skills and results analysis, associated with practical workshops to demonstrate new Body language used in different walks of life.

Third Session focused on “ Operational Plan preparation Concepts”, participant’s skills and knowledge development, and empowering them on how to prepare effective operational plans, implementation to ensure targets are achieved, organize and arrange work tasks, knowing tasks requirements based on each stage of the plan.

2019 12 05 2NA

2019 12 05 3NA

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2019 12 07 1NA

Department of Strategy and Future has organized a workshop branded as “Financial Resources Criteria”, for the Department of Finance, in the presence of Maj. Dr. Abdullrahman Mohammed ALBaloushi, acting Director of Financial Department and other department’s concerned bodies.

Workshop, which contains Dubai Government Excellence Program 2020 medals criterion, was delivered by Eng. Suhad AL Masri, Excellence Expert. 

Convened workshop comes in line with the workshops organize by the department of Strategy and Future, at the levels of different sectors and departments to explain updated categories and standards within DGEP’S Pioneer front.

Director of Policies and Decisions Support department lady Afaf Jassim AL Muheirei, has emphasized that workshops aim to explain updated categories and standards of DGEP 2020, as part of Dubai Civil Defense plans and policies, in a bid to improve delivered services and international leadership, within the general frame work of ongoing improvement and development process in all working areas, confirming such workshops will be intensified in next phases, to prepare DCD to participate in DGEP 2020, and also working to achieve goals and objectives  through workshops that seek to explain all updates, and to support the human cadre to raise ideas and initiatives which keep abreast  with future needs, and ensure development sustainability adopted by the wise leadership.

2019 12 07 2NA

2019 12 07 3NA

Last modified on Sunday, 08 Dec 2019 09:02

2019 12 04 1NA

Brig. Rashid Khalifa AL Bu Flasah, assistant director general for Smart Services, has chaired a meeting set to review Smart Services Departments projects accomplished in 2019, and other projects still under process, discussing it in a way that enhances the work to finish them,   in addition to the projects proposed to be completed in 2020 were reviewed and scheduled.  

Other applications and services were also evaluated, including ways to achieved and their usage capacity.

Evaluation move comes under Dubai Civil Defense general frame work to improve and raise the efficiency of its electronic applications and transactions, for better serving the public and fostering Customers happiness culture, in  line with Dubai Government trends towards complete transformation to smart services, so  all transactions can electronically processed.

Meeting was attended by Lt. Col. Abdullrahman Mohammed AL Ali, acting director of Smart Systems departments, Mr. Abdulaziz Mohammed AL Ali, acting director of IT department, 1st Ali Salem Bin Gulitha, head of Communication section and Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Janahi, Head of Network and technical Support section.

2019 12 04 2NA

Last modified on Thursday, 05 Dec 2019 09:56

2019 12 03 4NA

Brig. Rashid Khalifah Bu ALFlasa, assistant Director General for Smart Services and Col. Expert Ali Hassan ALMutawaa, assistant Director General for Fire and Rescue affairs at Dubai Civil Defense HQ, have attended the event organized by Nad AL Shiba fire and Rescue station to commemorate 48th UAE National Day.

Event was attended by Major Mohammed Abdullrhaman AL Saleh, station’s director, Capt. Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, director of Government Communication department.

AL Mutawa has praised the efforts and sacrifices demonstrated by fire and rescue teams in protecting lives and properties, and their role to make community sectors feel happy through instilling DCD’S work and reserve no efforts to achieve its vision, making UAE one of the best countries worldwide in achieving safety and security.

He emphasized that, Dubai Civil Defense march steadily with firmed steps from achieving success to another to implement the vision of the wise leadership. DCD’S celebrations event to mark UAE National Day reflects the spirit of union, and the Joy of celebration, through which we demonstrate allegiance to our wise leadership to go ahead in the path of  Global excellence and leadership, and show our commitment to sacrifice all precious and valuables things we possess to see our nation stays  high.

Col. Ali has honored 1st Corporal Obaid Isa ALfalasi, in recognition of his professional distinction, which eligiblized him for winning General Director Award Trophy for Golden Firefighter, in its first edition.

2019 12 03 1NA



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2019 12 02 1NA

On the occasion of commemorating 48th UAE national Day glad to extend our best wishes to H. H. Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed ALNahyan, President of State (May Allah Preserved Him), and his brother H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AL Maktoum , Vice President, Prime Minister  and Ruler of Dubai, (May Allah Preserved Him),and their brothers the Rulers of Emirates.

We also avail this opportunity to reassure our allegiance to the nation, loyalty to wise leadership, confirming our firmness behind its pillar of glory and proudness, in the march of progress, development and prosperity.

Moreover, proudly recall the memory of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan, and the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed AL Maktoum, and the founding fathers of UAE, May Allah Almighty rest their souls in peace, those who have lighted with their wise futuristic vision the way for upcoming generations, and laid the foundation stone for establishing the Union, and enhance its position in international arena,  to become an oasis for safety and security, symbol for prosperity, fraternity and tolerance, where both citizens and expatriates  live as one family on this beloved land. 

The rapid steps the nation going through towards comprehensive development, and modernization by reshaping the future, and using latest artificial intelligence applications to achieve excellence, put our country   amongst pioneered countries in different social, economic and cultural fields.

 UAE has witnessed since its inception,  substantial development in all walks of life, which help to attract businessmen, investors, elites and thinkers and those looking for success opportunities, and  was ranked in forefront  positions in terms of international competitiveness indicators. 

Dubai Civil Defense has achieved tremendous success, over the last 25 years, in its different HR, Equipment, technological capabilities, and changed from an entity that attracts experiences and skilled labor from other countries, to an entity that export its expertize and experiences to advanced countries, a thing which cannot have been achieved without   the ongoing support DCD gets from our wise leadership, and as a result of well to do abilities, qualifications and experiences possessed by employees.

Last modified on Wednesday, 04 Dec 2019 13:55

2019 11 29 1NA

In the presence of H.E. Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid AL Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, Dubai Parks fire station organized in collaboration with Awareness section at Civil Protection Department a number of awareness events at Dubai Parks Gardens, as part of Dubai Civil Defense HQ celebrations to mark 48th UAE National Day. 

Events, which its activities were reviewed by AL Matrooshi during his site tour, aiming at to enhance safety measures, instill culture of safety and protection among different sects of the community, and advising them on the importance to have fire safety precautionary measures in place.

Convened events include also, awareness lectures, which show steps to be taken and followed by the public to avoid different types of incidents, implementing proper evacuations procedures during emergencies, training on how to use the fire extinguishers and manual devices, in addition to special corner allocated to children for drawing and coloring.

Major Dr. Omer has attended a long with Maj. Dr. Abdullrahman AL Baloushi, acting director of financial department, Captain Hamadan Hamad ALsuwaidi, deputy director of Civil Protection department and campaign team the event .Gen. AL Matrooshi Attends Awareness Events at Dubai Parks.

2019 11 29 3NA

2019 11 29 4NA

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