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2019 11 25 111NA

Martyrs’ Fire station has organized a campaign branded as “Your Winter is warm”, with aim to distribute winter clothes to construction workers and  buildings security guards, at Jumeirah area, which comes in coincidence with winter season.

Organized campaign comes in line with DCD’s strategy and its community role, and to enhance community culture, which stresses solidarity and humanity initiatives, and symbolizes love and intimacy concepts. 

Captain Sultan Obaid Bin Haddah, fire station  deputy director, emphasized that initiative aims to provide winter clothes to labors, during winter season, stressing Dubai Civil Defense plays its community role in most appropriate way , beside its main role in protecting lives and properties, and work to organize various community and humanity initiatives throughout the year.

2019 11 25 222NA

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2019 11 25 11NA

Within 30 Minutes with a leader Program

Major Dr. ALHajiri Talks about Ongoing Learning Strategy and Academic Excellence Vision

In its second session, initiative branded as 30 minutes with a leader, organized by Dubai Civil Defense Youth Council, has hosted Maj. Dr. Omer Abdullagader Alhajiri, director of Dubai parks fire station, who talked about Ongoing Learning strategy and Academic Excellence Vision.

Convened session aims at impart of accumulative acquired experiences, documenting knowledge in area of specialty, and inspiring youngsters with interviewed leaders innovative ideas which is the outcome of their experiences extended over more than 20 years, in different fields of work, and enhance the role of Youth within Civil Defense.

AL Hajiri emphasized that, ongoing learning strategy has become one of wise leadership top priorities, aiming to keep abreast with global developments and inventions in all walks of life, and to maintain UAE’S position on top of international indicators.

He also added, continuous or ongoing learning strategy became necessary everywhere, to ensure self-development and nations renaissance, as science is the strongest weapon to face current challenges, and push forward development and productivity wheel.

 Major Omer urged audiences to pursue scientific processing in different specializations fields, stressing it contributes in functional development , and enhances practical experiences through practice and learning together, adding we must be keen always to be the forefront, so we should be dedicated to invest in academic learning.

In his reply to questions raised about the panel discussion axis, and his bright educational march, said; I have initially set my goals, then work hard to achieve, where he obtained his degree in Media and public relation, from Ajman University in 2007, and awarded Master degree in 2013 from USA, in safety and occupational Health, and due to the continuous encourage received from DCD’S leadership and its positive environment which supports  employees to further pursue their studies, I managed to complete my Ph.D. degree from Malaysia, in safety and security awareness at schools.   

For his part Lt. Sultan Majid Bin Suleiman, head of polices and member of Youth Council, said, held session symbolizes a important message to all t employees that everyone should be keen to pursue learning, as it reflects determination values to achieve success and profession excellence, and seeking the best in academic fields to gain highest scientific degrees.

2019 11 25 22NA

2019 11 25 44NA


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2019 11 25 1NA

Employees at Dubai Civil Defence HQ participate in promotional event of “My Sustainable Living Program, a campaign organized by Dubai Water and Electricity (DEWA), at Dubai Civil Defence HQ premises.

The held campaign, which comes under the cooperation efforts, aims at encouraging society members to adopt a sustainable water and electricity consumption life style. 

According to Eng. Nor Ibrahim, sustainability engineer at DEWA, the program allows customer to monitor and compare their water and electricity consumption rate with other tenants, with high efficiency and competency.

The program also targets apartment’s dwellers customers, and enable them to use DEWA smart application or website, through four stages, to preview the consumptions comparisons with other apartments, a diagram that shows rough consumption track, and a monthly consumption report percentage is available. 

Program also provides consumption austerity tips and help to take more positive steps to save energy consumption.

2019 11 25 7NA

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2019 11 24 1NA

Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi, director general of Dubai Civil Defense, has confirmed the importance of the initiative branded as “30 Minutes with a Leader” launched recently by Dubai Civil Defense Youth Council, with aim to bridge the gap between DCD’S generations, sharing accumulative experiences acquired, documenting knowledge in areas of specialty, and inspiring the youth by innovative ideas resulted from leaders’ experiences in different fields extended over 20 years, and finally enhance their role in DCD’S work.

First session carried the title “Innovation” was held with Col. Suleiman Abdullkarim AL Baloushi, director of Technical affairs department, who was chosen to the first (leader) to talk about his experience, in the presence of Civil Defense Youth Council representatives from across UAE. 

Col. Suleiman spoke at large at the session, which was attended by employees representing different functional categories at various sections and departments, about his experience, certificates and training, including Automobile Engineering Diploma, IT Diploma, and PET certificate, from Cambridge University in 1999, memberships and appointment as technical expert at Dubai Courts, ASME membership, RTA Gulf Specification Committee membership.

He also, told about awards accorded to him, encompass Dubai Government Excellence Program Award – ranked in first place, Innovative Leader Category 2016, Minister of Interior Award- ranked, first place in Best Supervisory Officer category 2018, Arab Ideas Award 2008– ranked in first place, Best Technological Idea, and ranked in second place in the same Award, financial guidance category, in addition to many other awards.

Session’s debate includes axis of innovation and creativity, constructive discussion led by participating youth and points raised, allowed them to come out with positive conclusions.

Suleiman urged each participants to set his own goals, map a clear path beefed with rational analysis and full of determination to face challenges and ultimately achieve such goals.

Stressing, success path never be paved with roses, but require ongoing and tireless efforts to be put forward at each stage to finally reach our grand goals.

Stating, he is still passion and aspire to accomplish more achievements and o success in his profession, each officer or employee should have a bet with himself to be among innovators and creative. 

In replying to the questions raised on how he managed to achieve such bright record of successful working march, crowned with awards and leading projects, Col. Emphasized that Dubai Civil Defense always support innovative and creative attempts by providing encouraging working environment, that reflect wise leadership directives, all achievements done by Technical affairs department in developing a number of fire engines, equipment, tools and apparatuses, such as designing  first of its kind tunnel fire engine in the region, which was awarded, best financial idea in Arab Innovation Ideas Award, early intervention vehicle, also awarded  a trophy in the same award  set good example for DCD’s support.

Audience expressed their satisfaction from what they gained from the session in terms of new information, knowledge, how to set innovative work plans.

MS Mithah Abdullaziz, from Government Communication department said, session explained clearly how to work for future, also learnt that determination is the key for achieving goals.

While 1St Warrant Officer Fahd Lakshari, from Human Resources department confirmed that, my information increased and came to know more, hoping to make use out of it in my work.

His colleague in the department, 1St Warrant Officer Nasser AL Suwaidi, referred to the practical method adopted by Col. Suleiman, has supported him while escalating career, urging others to follow the same to be innovative in his field.

Captain Taher Hassan, head of Companies Approval section, and at same time chairperson of Youth Council, praised Col. Suleiman successful record of accomplishments and his contribution in sharing it with Youth leaders, utilizing knowledge and information axis to encourage them achieve success in their profession life.

Launched initiative will help Youth to possess success tools, keys, and professional excellence, also encourage and prepare them to maintain development sustainability in the future, Taher Concluded.

2019 11 24 2NA

2019 11 24 3NA

Last modified on Sunday, 24 Nov 2019 13:02

2019 11 21 11NA

In its routine meeting chaired by Brig. Jamal Bin Aided AL Muheiri, assistant director general for resources and support services, remunerations and incentives committee has reviewed and approved honoring applications.

Convened meeting was attended by Lady Afaf Assam AL Muheiri, director of Polices and Decisions support department, Ms. Nora Ahmed AL Matrooshi, Director of Human Resources department, 1st Lt. Abu baker Habib Bakhit, head of  legal affairs section and 1st. Corporal Rashid ALsheihi, committee secretary.


Last modified on Sunday, 24 Nov 2019 09:32

2019 11 21 1NA

Joint Media Team Visits DCD’S Location at Dubai Air Show 2019

   Dubai government Joint Media Team led by Lady Alia AL Dhib, director of Strategic Communication at Dubai Government Media office, and include Mr. Butti Ahmed Bin Drawish, director of security awareness department at Dubai Police, Mr.  Saeed Amin, head of News and Publishing section at Dubai Police, and Mr. Mohammed ALMunji, Media Coordinator at Road and Transport Authority RTA.  

  Visiting delegation was received by Lt. Col. Expert (Pilot) Hamad Bal Suwida AL Amarri, director of Barsha fire station, Major Abdullrahman AL Saleh, director of Support and Backup center, Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communication department.

The visit comes within general framework of joint media cooperation, with the aim to reflect exhibition event and its associated activities, and the role DCD’S media team play to cover events, and cooperating with different local and external media authorities, and also to reflect the bright image of events that are hosted and organized by the emirate of Dubai.  

In addition, seeking to educate and spread awareness among public, to instill the culture of safety and security, as part of the media coverage of associated events.

Delegation then moved to see well-equipped operations room, and review DCD’S readiness to protect lives and properties.

2019 11 21 2NA

2019 11 21 3NA

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Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019 09:38

World Children’s Day - 2019

2019 11 20 1111


Last modified on Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019 09:39

2019 11 20 111NA

Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi, director general of Dubai Civil Defense, has chaired a meeting, during which he reviewed Dubai Civil Defense capacity, identify human cadre needed, in different areas of specialties.

Other attendants in the meeting were, Brig. Jamal Bin Aadid AL Muheiri, assistant director for resources and support services, Brig. Rashid Khalifa BuAlflasa, assistant director for smart services, Col. Expert Ali Hassan, assistant director for fire and rescue affaires, Lady Afaf Jassim , director of Polices and Decisions Support and MS Nora Ahmed ALMatrooshi, director of Human Resources Department, who have displayed a presentation on  the needs and   human forces required at both leadership and supervisory levels.


Last modified on Wednesday, 13 May 2020 10:09

2019 11 20 44NA

Assistants of Dubai Civil Defense Director General for Smart Services and Fire and Rescue affairs respectively, Brig. Rashid Khalifah AL Buflasah and Ali Hassan ALMutawaa, have received Excellency Khalifa Bin Dari, Executive Director of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, during his visit to DCD’S location at Dubai Air Show 2019.

Both parties discussed Air Show activities and events, which run smoothly in its 16th edition, and aircrafts industry latest technologies displayed on its sideline, as well as participation of significant international airlines.

Other issues discussed during the meeting also include, organizing aspects, which reflect the place where Dubai reached in organizing such international events and activities.

They also, received Col. Expert Juma Bin Drawish ALFlasi, director of Research and Rescue department at Dubai Police General Department of Transport and Rescue, and Lt. Col. (Pilot) Ali ALMuheiri, director of Air Wing at Dubai Police.

Meeting was attended by Lt. Col. Expert Hussein ALRahoumi, director of fire stations department, Lt. Col. Expert (Pilot) Hamad Bal suawaida, director of Barsha fire station, Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communication department and Captain Amer Disi, head of Events Section.

2019 11 20 33NA

Last modified on Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019 09:47

2019 11 20 1NA

Liaison officers at EXPO 2020 have visited Dubai Civil Defense wing at Dubai Air Show 2019, to review best practices and applications implemented in area of specialty.

Visiting delegation was received by Lt. Col. Expert Hussein Mohammed ALrahoumi, director of fire stations department, Lt. Col. Expert (Pilot) Hammed Bal suwaida, director of Barsha fire station and Major Abdullrahman AL Saleh, director of Support and Backup center.

Following the review of DCD’s site at Air Show, visiting delegation praised Dubai Civil Defense readiness in different specialization areas.

2019 11 20 2NA


Last modified on Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019 09:20
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