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Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence confirmed, while addressing the eulogy ceremony of valiant firefighter martyr Jassim Essa AlBloushi, attended by Civil Defence officers and directors, during which he named one of Emirates Civil Defence Academy halls after him saying:

Martyr AlBloushi, who died while battling aircraft blaze at Dubai airport on 03/08/16, will remain a symbol of self-sacrifice for others and nation, to become one of the long list of Civil Defence martyrs who sacrificed themselves to protect others’ lives, properties and national wealth during Civil Defence long history.

Maj Gen Al Matrooshi also hailed all previous Civil Defence personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty, sacrificing their own selves in order to protect and save lives, and preserve public wealth and private property.

"Civil Defence is a profession of difficult tasks and sacrifices, which requires a high degree of courage, responsibility and selflessness. Jassim is one of the brightest examples of this unique role," Al Matrooshi said.

"The highest form of generosity and sacrifice he displayed will make him a role model for the new generation and all successive ones of Civil Defence men, who will get to know these values from the start of their careers, when they enter the Academy," Al Matrooshi noted.

The Civil Defence not only trains and qualifies men in professional life-saving, fire-fighting and other security aspects, but also on the national values of sacrifice and responsibility, discipline and courage, pointed out Al Matrooshi. All types of Civil Defence work are noble humanitarian missions, he said

Last modified on Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:29

Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence honored the committee which has prepared the technical specifications of vehicles and equipments used by Civil Defence under his direct supervision and follow up.

He praised the role of the committee in required data collection. Information analysis and identification and satisfaction of technical standard needs of Civil Defence related vehicles and equipments.

“the importance of this Guide is derived from its inclusiveness of all fire and rescue equipments, personal protective clothes at accident scene and for being a unique initiative in Middle East and Gulf region. National cadres assigned to prepare the Guide were keen to provide particular technical specifications of each vehicle, equipment or apparatus, in addition to technical performance assessment standards of each and measurement fire and rescue teams competencies for using these equipments”. emphasized ALMatrooshi.

He urged also to update these standards in accordance to latest international inventions in Civil Defence vehicles and equipments technology and industry, implementation of technical and administrative methods to identify functional feasibility of each vehicles or equipment, rigorous commitment to apply maintenance and repair schedules to ensure compliance of each one to operational designing standards. Adding, concerned technical committees should select equipment and apparatus according to the specifications and standards set in the Guide. Courses to train technicians to understand and implement Guide contents is very important. Vehicles and equipments are classified as follows:

*Vehicles technical specifications

*Hand tools technical specifications

*Electro-mechanical equipments technical specifications

* Hose reels, accessories technical specifications

*Specialized equipments technical specifications

Committee members honored include Lt.Col. Pilot ExpertHussain Mohammed ALRahoumi, Lt.Col. Pilot Expert Osman Mohammed Ahali, Lt.Col. Suliman Abdullkarim, Ist. Sergeant Major Hassan Ali Mohammed ALihya, Senior translator Mahmoud Abduljwad and Graphic designer Ramesh Chittezhithillam


Last modified on Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:29

Dubai Civil Defence Director General, Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani AL Matrooshi honored committee members assigned to prepare Standard Procedures Guide for Operating Civil Defence Fire Stations, which was working under his direct supervision and follow up.

He praised the attempt as an international initiative, carried out by a highly qualified and experienced national cadres, who compiled gained experienced with latest standards and best practices to deliver this Guide which is high in value, objective and goals, integrated contents, and simplified way of information display and release to users.

He also indicated to the importance of the scientific research methods adopted by the committee, its dedication to study and analyze basic requirements for selecting model Civil Defence fire centers locations, structural designs and excellent operating standards, to ensure Guide’s contents meet the actual needs of model centers.

Director confirmed professional application of Guide’s contents is essential to enhance them, especially they include all fundamental aspects to establish and operate fire stations , such as :

    Fire Station location selection standards
    Fire Station design and construction standards
    Mechanism for Preparation of Fire Station annual plans and Balance Sheet
    Fire Station administrative and organizational operation
    Fire Station institutional Monitoring
    Fire Station employees Health and Occupational Safety

Integration of Civil Defence major and supportive services constitutes a base for strategic planning and excellence application, and fundamental factor to achieve Civil Defence vision ( To have UAE one of the most secure and safe countries of the world) by embedding  physical infrastructure, qualified and effective human force , efficient administrative system, incentive working environment and securing health and occupational safety of employees. Honored committee members include Lt.Col. Pilot Expert Osman Mohammed Ahali , committee Chairman, Capt. Ali Mohammed AlFalasi, head of team, Ist.Sergeant Major Fatima Mohammed AlMarzouqi (member), Ist.Sergeant Major Khalid Rashid Bin Suleiman ( member), Sergeant Major Ibrahim Ali AlBloushi (member), Ist. Sergeant Abdullah Hassan AlBloushi (member) and Civil Employee Mr. Faisal Abdullatif ( Graphic Designer).

Last modified on Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:29

Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi ,Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, confirmed during reviewing evacuation drills’ plan carried out by Civil Defence different fire stations on the highlight of fire & rescue department’s training tasks the following:

Evacuation drills is considered one of the main pillars of Civil Defence strategic plans which lies under the axis of coordination, support and excellent performance of responding to crisis and disaster. This why operations department sets annual target number for evacuation drills to be achieved by each fire station, the targeted number and buildings classification is determined based on analyzing the reality, level of potential risks and annual statistics results of number and types of fire accidents in different sectors.

Evacuations drills aims to work in association with other stakeholders to face crisis and disasters by setting emergency plan, how to handle them in minimum possible time, work to save lives and properties from the risk consequences, raise fire centers readiness, minimize response time and increasing coordination with other supportive entities.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is implemented to enhance the efficiency of evacuations drills , beside other operational plans to face all potential emergencies relevant assumptions, and setting precautionary measures to prevent them or alleviate the losses. Although the number of evacuations drills targeted for the first half of 2016 was (375 evacuation drills), but fire stations managed to carried out 461 and time taken to complete each drill was 29.7, estimated total number of persons benefited from these drills was 243,515 persons. 3,778 fire fighters, 807 policemen, and 1,007 Paramedics were involved in execution of these evacuations drills. Rate of arrival time rate to drill site was 6.7 minutes. Customers satisfaction percentage achieved was 98,3%. Satwa fire station alone performed 79 drills. Evacuations drills carried out in 102 hotels, 83 government departments, 75 companies, 66 educational institutions, 51 towers,35 residential buildings, 15 hospital, 9 shopping malls, 7 banks and 7 labor accommodations.

Maj. Al Matrooshi ends saying:

Coming future will witness more drills in hospitals and primary health care centers, in addition to training safety teams at buildings on evacuations and fire safety skills.

Last modified on Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:30

Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi, director general of Dubai Civil Defence Department joined Jabel Ali fire station’ staff (duty shift) Ramadan Iftar banquet.

During the banquet, the Director General exchanged views with the firemen and listened to their ideas and comments concerning the work. He also praised the excellent role they play in one of Dubai’s most strategic economic hub. Maj.Gen. Expert ALMatrooshi stressed on the importance of integration,coordination and cooperation with all other entities in Jabel Ali providing services to Jabel Ali based companies, corporations and establishments.

He referred to Dubai Civil Defence keenness to use cutting edge fire safety technologies, and apply the latest safety measure embodied in (Emirates Life and safety Code of Practice), to ensure sustainable safety environment in all locations is maintained. He expressed his satisfaction with the excellent results of evacuations drills carried out by various fire stations including Jabel Ali, illustrating the peculiarity of such drills in Jabel Ali fire station area of jurisdiction, being containing in its industrial and storage establishments substances with different chemical properties and varied levels of ignition. Added saying, these drills help to raise the preparedness and readiness of fire station’s force and safety forces at those establishments, and also help to enhance communication and coordination methods with them during emergencies.

Following the banquet, director general and his escorts had a round tour in station to review and ensure the readiness of firefighting equipments and other support services needed to meet the nature of the jurisdiction area requirements.

The Iftar banquet was attended also by Col. Rashid Khalifa ALBuflasa, director of GM’s office, Lt.Col. Expert Ahmed Kemadish ALaamri, station’s director, Major Faisal ALShehi,acting director of Govt. Communication department, Capt. Bader Folaaz deputy director of fire station and Ist.Lt.Taher Tayeb Anohi, head of field monitoring section.  

Last modified on Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:30

As a part of his Ramadan annual program, Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi attended Ramadan Iftar banquet with firefighters on duty at ALbursha fire station. Heart to heart dialogue was held after the banquet was over between Gen. ALMatrooshi and fire station management and firefighters on duty, where he has focused on :

Number of issues including the importance of safety cautiousness, swift response, close cooperation and coordination with stakeholders on accident scene, enhancement of success and best practices achieved by Dubai Civil Defence in general and each fire station in particular, and the need for continuous implementation of best self-training programs in the fire station. In addition, he casted light on the important of proper handling of firefighting equipments and systems, evacuation drills must be carried out regularly at buildings and establishment, risks field survey must be conducted by each fire station in its respective area of jurisdiction. Responsible and civilized dealing with customers, including the owners of buildings which caught fire, must be observed as well.

The Iftar banquet was attended also by Col. Rashid Khalifa ALBuflasa, director of GM’s office, Lt.Col. Mattran Khalil Ibrahim, fire station director, Maj. Faisal ALShehi,acting director of Govt. Communication department, Capt. Mohammed AbdulRahman AL Saleh deputy director of fire station and Ist.Lt.Taher Tayeb Anohi, head of field monitoring section.  

Last modified on Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:30

Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence has delivered a lecture at Police Officers Club in Abu Dhabi titled ( The Main Enablers of Dubai Civil Defence System Successfulness), in the presence of Col. Waleed Salem ALShamsi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police College, number of Police officers and 300 college students and trainees.

He focused on his lecture on the importance to have a number of factors such as integration, sustainability, empowerment , development, preplanning and the achievement of minimum standard response time.

He also, pointed out to the specified main enablers which contributed to the success of Dubai Civil Defence system, among which is preventive enablers comprising:

*prepare, issue and implement ( Emirates Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice) as a mandatory reference source for all buildings designing and consultants companies, as per each fire safety activity, this code is classified as one of the latest of its kind in the world.

Beside, issuing legislations which can support Civil Defence procedures..

Such as:

*Federal law No (23) of 2006, pertaining Civil Defence services.

* Cabinet decision No (24) of 2012

* Ministry of Interior decision No (505) of 2012

In addition ,

  • Designing and implementing Smart Buildings system scheme, based on M2M technology, which ensures the reception of alarms from the building by central operations room in just few seconds, and it also ensures fire systems readiness round the o’clock. The scheme targets (52,032) buildings and establishments, out of which (47,510) is already connected, while connection of left buildings is underway.
  • Smart buildings scheme with nominal subscription fees was launched, aiming to cover 80% of the total number of Dubai’s homes estimated at (192,500). Subscription is optional in this stage. Dubai Civil defence has already signed two different MOUS with Zayed Housing Program and Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment to implement this scheme in their new coming up buildings.
  • Applying an electronic program known as smart inductive system, which is installed in fire’s vehicles to guide them to short cut leading to accident scene.

  • Conduct (748 evacuations drill) in the buildings and establishments during 2015, aiming at increasing preventive awareness, raising readiness level and coordination to ensure lives protection. 365,443 persons have benefited from conducted drills. In addition, a plan was set for training watchmen.
  • Implementation of best firefighting operational standards, by applying Standard Operational procedures (SOP’s), as well as optimal investment on Human Resources by conducting training courses and international qualifying.

He also, assessed and analyzed the Address hotel fire accident, indicating the challenges faced, actions taken to respond to, and how it was doused in a shortest time , only two minutes, without any injuries reported. Finally Maj. ALMatrooshri answered all questions raised by attendees.

Last modified on Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:31


In an special ceremony conducted at DCD’s Headquarters’ building, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid ALMatrooshi, has honored, the First group of (Address Hotel Knights), for wining Dubai Government Excellence Program award (Excellent Team category), and Col. Salem Khalifa ALMugrab (Head of excellent techno-project team) ,Assist. Director General for prevention and safety affairs, and Mrs. Afaf Jassim, General Coordinator of Dubai Excellent Program at Dubai Civil Defence and Director of Department of Strategy and Performance Development. Number of Civil Defence distinguished employees including sustainability leaders group , unknown solider ( sergeant Ali Gaffer), and field employee category candidate ( Sergeant major Hassan Abbas ALBlooshi, were also honored.

In his directive speech to honored employees Maj. ALMatrooshi confirmed:

Everyone should be aware about the fact that, Excellence is not merely a goal which is occasionally sought, but it becomes work attitude and a life style, hence individual and corporate excellence culture must be spread and implemented in all the joints of functional performance, in different locations and under different circumstances, in order to make it a method for integration and development, continuous spur to remedy any problems arising during implementation.

He added:

Address knights experience has shown the importance of having highly qualified and well trained cadre competent to respond and manage emergencies, transparency in dealing with incident and continuous news broadcast to assure the public, government bodies readiness to manage crisis and disasters, and the availability of successful planning and training system collectively leading to accident response in a standard time. So, we learnt from address knights experience to have one working team with one goal, then only Civil Defence’s vision (Toward making UAE one of the most safest and secure country of the world) can be achieved.

Dubai Civil Defence Director further confirmed:

Dubai Government excellence performance program has become a part of continual development system of individual and corporate functional performance, and encouragement tool for scientific assessment of methods and results, and an opportunity for checking and improvement according to an effective measurement tools and indicators.

Awarding Dubai Government excellence performance program prize to the Address Knights’ team ( distinguished work team category), was a result of its excellent role performed in dousing the address hotel fire. Winning team was able to control the fire in one minute time. The Creative implementation of SOPs requirements by responding team in response to changes dramatically taking place in the accident scene, and full utilization of onsite celebrations emergency preset plans also considered by them, proved to be effective along with onsite integration with other emergency teams.

Thus, honoring should motivate Civil Defence employees to , and at the same it double their responsibility to enhance DCD’ reputation being praised by all for many years in recognition of your achievements, and not for Address hotel incident only. As our wise leadership’s aspiration is to make UAE becomes the first in different fields worldwide, we at Civil Defence work as per rational and scientific plans to be internationally ranked on top in performance, services and skills aspects and to meet customers and employees satisfaction.

He ends saying:

Soon a program for training different leaders titled ( Fourth Generation Leadership) will be launched. The program focuses on different specialties, applications and standards of leadership, and it comes in line with functional standards excellence (fourth generation).These courses will target all leaders levels from the Second row leaders ( directors of departments and fire stations) , to shifts leaders level. The concept of (Fourth Generation leadership) will depend on results, plans efficiency and commitment, their impact on human force, individual productivity and corporate outcome, hence a step ahead is achieved the way of international excellence together with other global Civil Defence authorities.

Last modified on Sunday, 14 Aug 2016 17:14
Wednesday, 27 Apr 2016 00:00

Honoring Fire Safety Inspectors

Col. Salem Khalifa AlMugrab, Assist Director for Protection & Fire Safety honors distinguished Safety Inspectors in 2016, In Presence of Lt. Col. Jamal ahmed Ibrahim, Director of Preventive Safety Department.


Last modified on Sunday, 07 Aug 2016 11:45



Under the patronage of H.H.Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed ALNahyan, deputy prime minister and minister of Interior, and the participation of Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi,Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, Dubai Civil Defence has conducted the sixth annual Fire safety Technology Forum. Brig. Ahmed Ubaid ALSayegh, Assist. Director for fire &rescue, Col. Hassan Ali Bin Hassram, Director of UmmalQuain Civil Defence , representatives of regional Civil Defence departments, Directors of Dubai Civil Defence internal departments along with fire products manufacturing, installation and maintenance companies’ directors were attended also.

The sixth version for this year held under the slogan: (Innovative recovery from High rise accidents), based on the intensive analysis carried by Civil Defence on recent High rise buildings fires accidents, and the continuous investigation processes to detect their causes, internal/external impacting factors, and global public concern associated with them , and based as well on successful achievement of Civil Defence’s rescue and fighting operations, and further to assert the importance of periodical review of latest technologies by Civil Defence and its ongoing keenness to develop best practices and applications.

In his speech delivered at the forum, Maj.Gen.Expert ALMatrooshi ,Director of Dubai Civil Defence, titled ( Key enablers to ensure Civil Defence organization success) Said:

Vast development witnessed by Civil Defence major and supportive operations, and its sustainable effectiveness are considered essential enablers in delivering best services to customers and partners successfully.

He further added:

Key enablers include many factors led by ( Emirates fire & Life safety code of practice) which was issued, implemented, and updated based on a number of legislative backgrounds, such as federal law No 23of 2006, which regulates Civil Defence work, ministers council decision No 24 of 2012 pertaining violations fines, and ministry of interior executive decision No 505 of 2012, which identifies safety threating violations and subsequent fines for each violation, and that has helped to enhance safety measures in buildings and establishments. In addition to, the implementation of 24x7 system, which was put in place in 2008, as a strategic scheme ensuring safety in buildings and establishments, by connecting them electronically to central operations room, and in case of any fire or lift fault, fire teams will immediately respond when electronic signals arrive to operations room. According to this scheme, about 56,921 building and establishments are provided with electronic firefighting systems, 44,277 buildings are already linked to operations room, and about 8,284 are still underway.

Intelligence deductive system is another enabler, which allows fire teams to reach incident scene via shortest cut and in less possible time. While smart home project which is considered complementing the smart system scheme (24x7dcd), is used to directly connect the villas to DCD’s central operations room, so any accident once occurred is reported via a hot line, which instantaneously provides all information required by Civil Defence teams to reach to the scene in the minimum response time.

Community preventive awareness campaigns aiming at increasing awareness level and embeds individual safety behavior form together with (758) evacuation drills conducted during 2015 an important factor in making the community prime partner in safety industry, as safety for all cannot be realized without participation from all.

Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) is deemed essential in the field of fighting fires for governance of incident scene procedures, and empower commanders and fire teams to effectively manage the accident with minimal possible loss, plus optimum investment in human resources.

Then, He talked about Address hotel fire experience, pointing out the challenges associated with accident, such as existence of 3000 people in the hotel, huge crowd around the hotel, fire spreading in more than one place, high wind speed, fire in upper stories and the extensive international media coverage.

Sixth Fire Safety Technology Forum has commenced its work with a study on (Shilly towers fire &lessons learnt ) prepared and presented by Mark Yates, chief fire officer and vice chairman CFOA , then ( Incident response time – the context of public education and collaboration) delivered by Barry Lynham, President Fire Safe Europe, followed by ( Tall building Firefighting , An Australian Perspective) presented by Justin Francis , Senior Officer- Queensland Fire & Rescue, then ( Fire Safe Façade: Regulating for Resilience) presented by Stephen Little Battalion Officer – Chicago Fire Department and finally ( High Rise Firefighter Air Replenishment System) delivered by Gary Morris, Fire Chief I Pine –Strawberry Fire District.

Participating fire companies displayed their products on the sideline of the forum. The number of the speakers of the forum since its early start in 2011 till now is estimated at 40,1500 participants and 100 displayers. Participants include public and private sectors representing various countries such as UAE,Gulf Countries,UK,USA,Canada, France, Italy, Greece and Hong Kong.

Dubai Civil Defence main topics discussed are

2011 – Best International Practices and technological applications

2012- Recovery from High-rises fires

2013- Civil Defence - & Civic Society Preparation to Minimize Crisis Risks

2014- Civil Defence & Community Awareness Culture

2015- Civil Defence & Crisis Limitation Under Sustainable Development

2016- Innovation in Recovery from High-rises fires

Last modified on Sunday, 07 Aug 2016 11:45
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