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Maj. Gen. Expert AlMatrooshi: DCD keens to Adopt "Eight Principles" Charter as a Thought Guidance and Performance Methodology

2019 01 06 1NA

Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid AlMatrooshi has confirmed Dubai Civil Defense intention to make the charter of the Eight Principles, declared by H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid ALMaktoum, vice President, Prime minister and Ruler of Dubai,  as a guidance for all its plans, projects  programs and procedures.

We are fully aware of the fact that, Union is our destiny, and the secret behind our success and pioneering on the international level, and Justice is the base of rule and the source of the cohesion of our society under our prudent leadership, He added.

Millions are inspired by these instilled values, thus showed their genuine interest to contribute in our nation success. Gen. AlMatrooshi continued to say.

We also, believe happiness lies in providing people with their needs through strong and fast growing economy, by attracting business sector to play its expected role in rapid development movement and reshaping the future through adopting latest artificial intelligence technologies. He emphasized.

We work tirelessly to enhance the partnership with government and non-governmental organizations in the different fields of our services, schemes and developmental plans, Gen. ALMatrooshi stressed.

DCD'S Director also praised the valuable values of tolerance and coexistence prevails in UAE society, where hundreds of different nationalities are living peacefully and happily.

We are committed to work with all our partners to create a safe environment that produces new sectors of productions,  marketing and services, and innovate new shapes of Services which can attract innovators, business pioneers and leading minds, and at the same time empower investment sector for a better future of the coming generations.

Instructions are issued to form specialized teamwork to set plans and programs which can translate this charter into reality. He concluded

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