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الأحد, 27 أيلول/سبتمبر 2015 00:00

DCD's DG Honors Drive Safe Campaign

Maj.Gen. Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence has honored Hatta fire station personnel  who participated in Drive Safe Campaign, conducted by Department of Civil protection in association with Department of Borders Ports – Hatta Port at General Department of Residency & Foreigners Affairs at UAE and the Sultanate of Oman Land Border exit. Honoring ceremony was attended by  Brig. Salem Khalifa ALMugrab, Assist Director General for Supplies &Services Affairs and Col. Rashid ALBuflasah Director of General Director’s Office.

In his delivered speech Maj.Gen. Expert praised Hatta fire station for its excellent  awareness and preventive activity which helped to reduce the number of fire accidents within area of jurisdiction, and also hailed the efforts of Civil Protection Department in planning & executing campaign various stages.

Regarding the Nature of the Campaign, Director of Civil Protection Department Mrs. Amina Yaqoub said:
Drive Safe campaign conducted at land borders ports comes in line with other integrated activities which aiming at spreading awareness programs, and comprising  training & educating drivers from different public sectors such as (Hatta Public Transport-69 drivers), (RTA 150drivers), (1500 different drivers during Gulf Traffic Week), (Emirates Transportation-19 drivers), (Dubai Police – Transport Security Department- 32 drivers), (Masfoot Transport – 100 drivers), ( Dubai Taxi- 60 drivers) and ( 250 drivers of Emirates Transport). Preparations to conduct the Second stage of Drive Safe campaign is underway  firstly in collaboration with Dubai Customs to cover means of transportation at Sea, and secondly with ENOC to cover Petrol stations and  also to observe safety of Schools buses in both private & public educational institutions.

Trainees received information on sources of risks in cars and how to avoid, necessity to have manual fire extinguisher in the car and how to use , How to handle cars fires, necessity of performing periodical maintenance and using genuine spare parts to avoid fire accidents.

الأربعاء, 16 أيلول/سبتمبر 2015 00:00

Unleashes of DCD’s Fire Stations Annual..

In line with the direct field assessment strategy of fire stations performance, inspection & follow up committee at Dubai Civil Defence GHQ headed by Brig. Ahmed Obaid ALsayegh Assit. Director for Fire & Rescue began its visits to the various fire stations to assess corporate and individual performance of officers, individuals  and civil employees. 

During the inspection missions Brig. ALsayegh cast light on:

full commitment to implementing  assessment methods in accordance with quality standards is a top priority for us. Based on field assessment applications will be  reviewed for further improvement. Special considerations must be given to field and administrative training as efficiency of and discipline of the working forces is deemed essential to ensure plans success and sustainable development of corporate & individual performance  are achieved,  achievements and improvement opportunities is enhanced  
assessment includes performance level and implementation results of each fire station’s annual plan  based on fire & Rescue department predetermined annual plan and on the light of stations performance results 2014.

Assessment program includes fire stations projects and activities in the following fields:  
*Administrative development
* Health and occupational safety commitment  
*Operations results and implementation level of SOPs
*Training programs applications
*Results of performance indicators by strategical standards
*Skills of using Personal Equipments and how to maintain
*Commitment to Equipments maintenance & readiness levels.

Assessment committee includes Col. Abdullah Saif ALShamsi, Director of Services & Provision department, Col Jamal Bin A’adid , Director of Financial Affairs department, Lt.Col. expert  Rashid Hussain ALsumaitti, Director of Fire stations department, Lt.Col.exper Ali Hassan Almutawa, Director of Operations department, Lt.Col. Suleiman Abdullkarim, Director of Technical Affairs, Major AbdulRahman Mohammed, Acting Director of HR department, Captain Abdullah Bin Dismal member of technical specifications committee and Mrs. Afaf Jassim Director of Strategy Department.  

Three fire stations ( ALBarsha/ALQuoz/ALManara)  have been inspected so far. Inspection will continue till 01/10/2015 to include the remaining 13 fire stations.

الإثنين, 14 أيلول/سبتمبر 2015 00:00

Maj.Gen. Inaugurated 6th ME Fire Safe..

Director General of Dubai Civil Defence Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi ,today has inaugurated the 6TH Middle East Fire Safe Conference at Dubai Grand Sheraton, in the presence of UAE Civil Defence Commander in Chief Maj.Gen. Jassim Mahammad AlMarzouqi, GCC Civil Defence Representatives, public safety experts and fire companies representatives.

Civil Defence Authorities in the Middle East play a notable role in promoting and implementing fire safety in the region. The Dubai Civil Defence has initiated some remarkable projects like the launch of Smart Homes that enables residents to report any accident at home directly to the Civil Defence operations room. The Civil Defence department is working tirelessly to meet the government’s safety strategy for 2021.

Supported by the Directorate General of Civil Defence - Dubai, the 6th Annual Middle East FireSafe Conference is taking place between the 14 - 16 September 2015 and has been planned in accordance with the vision of the DCD. The 6th edition witnesses the Inaugural Key Note Address by Major General Expert Rashid Thani, AlMatroushi FIFireE General Director of Directorate Civil Defence Dubai.

With the theme "Fundamentals of Fire Safe", day one of the conference today features a keynote from 1st Lieutenant, Taher Al Taher addressing the audience on fire safety harmonisation in UAE. The topic discusses various ideologies like redefining fire safety goals in the region and the need for uniformity in safety regulations and codes for fire protection. Day two will see Terry Johnson, Senior Fire Safety Advisor also from the DCD present a case study on real time incident response at the “Dubai Marina Torch Tower Fire" which dominated the news cycle earlier this year.  

Other than a regional outlook, delegates are hearing from international experts. Tim Cut bill of the London Fire Brigade, is presenting a case study on managing risks in a dynamic capital city like London and Dr. Azmi Adam, President of IFE, UK, Singapore Chapter who presents the Singapore experience on key fire safety regulation schemes that are implemented in Singapore and how such schemes have brought about a high standard of fire safety in the South-East Asian country.

A key element of fire safety within the global framework is about codes and standardisation that are being introduced by global regulatory bodies. One such leading trade body and a key Fire Advocacy leader, NFPA representative Drew Azzara has been a stronghold supporter of the  Firesafe series. Azzara is addressing the attendees about Fire & Life Safety Code Trends in the Middle East and the parameters for existing industrial codes. Another address later today is to highlight the recently updated NFPA 1600 - Establishing Integrated Crisis Management & Business Continuity System by the Head of Crisis Management & Business Continuity at RasGas Company Limited. Other supporters include SFPE, IFE (Singapore Chapter), FCIA and IWMA.

The conference also features two key panel sessions, one of which is a roundtable looking into the role of stakeholders and their commitment to fire safety covering government, regulatory bodies and industry panelists. Other eminent speakers who are addressing the forum represent ENOC, British Standards Institute for Building Construction, Saudi Aramco, Dubai Airports, Qatar Petroleum, ARUP, EMAAR Malls, Roads Transport Authority and Chevron Shipping amongst many other.

This year, the event sees support from many international leading solution and services providers. These include TornaTech, Koffel Associates, Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultants, Central Ventilation Systems (CVS), Knauf, Promat, Volkan, YOKOI MFG, KATMERCILER, The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and Tenable Fire Engineering Consultancy.   

Civil Defence Authorities in the Middle East play a notable role in promoting and implementing fire safety in the region. The Dubai Civil Defence has initiated some remarkable projects like the launch of Smart Homes that enables residents to report any accident at home directly to the Civil Defence operations room. The Civil Defence department is working tirelessly to meet the governments safety strategy for 2021.

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الخميس, 10 أيلول/سبتمبر 2015 00:00


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الثلاثاء, 11 آب/أغسطس 2015 04:00

Acting DCD’s Director General

390 Evacuation Drills held during First Half of 2015
Brig. Ahmed Obaid ALsayegh, Acting Director General of Dubai Civil Defence was briefed by Lt.Col.Expert Ali Hassan Almutawa, director of Operations Department on  2015 annual evacuation drills plan which is carried out by (12) fire stations under the direct supervision of risk analysis  section at operations department.  Evacuation drills set to cover all productive , marketing and storage economic sectors and  other educational, health, residential and banking sectors as well.  

Brig. ALsayegh stressed:
( Evacuations drills is a part of Civil Defence strategy to upgrade its teams readiness, enhances means of coordination with other stakeholders at times of accidents and  train building in house safety teams in order to  achieve  and maintain best response rate along with other crisis & disasters responders concerned authorities as  an strategic goal. Pre plan is set to respond to potential emergency , and how they can be handled in fastest possible time, save lives & properties in the risk area and increase coordination between supporting entities.

He added also:
Standard Operating procedures ( SOPs) and other applied operating plans are implemented while dealing with  potentialities anticipated during emergency to ensure effectiveness of evacuation drill is maintained).

According to statistics issued by Operations Department .. total number of evacuation drills conducted during the first six months of this year is estimated at (390), carried out by 3,263 firemen, 947 policemen and 1005 paramedics. Each drill takes 24:p minutes to finish, 7:5 minutes to reach drill site and about 208,820 persons were benefited from these drills. Conducted drills covered (91 Government facilities), (87 hotels 7 hotel apartments), (65 educational institutions), (60 companies), ( 31 Towers), ( 15 General buildings), ( 14 banks), (10 hospitals) and (10 shopping malls). Customers satisfaction percentage was estimated at 99:1%.


الإثنين, 10 آب/أغسطس 2015 04:00

Director General Tour

As a part of his Ramadan tour to different fire stations to share Iftar with on duty fire and rescue teams, Major General Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi Director General of Dubai Civil Defence visited ALRashydia fire station and shared the meal of Ramadan fast breaking with firefighters. After the Iftar, he cordially listened to their comments , developmental suggestions and replied all their inquiries.

Then He stressed in his speech on :

The importance of serving every one without any exemption and to be highly alerted in Ramadan,  where demand for using more sources of ignition increases in homes & restaurants as more people are gathering to celebrate this holy occasion. Therefore, more attention is required to handle risks causes to avoid any act which could  result in fire or other risks threating the community and its members.

Then went to explain to them the humanitarian nature of firefighting and rescue job, and its vital role for mankind despite associated risk. Hence, in order to ensure response time is minimized, operations is carried out effectively and best results is achieved, we must enhance field standby, specialized training, individual and team readiness, professional skills and ability to use latest equipments available.

He added:
We all urge to work hardly in accordance to international safety standards , taking into consideration achieved accomplishments and the best practices, Civil Defence applies to make Dubai always in the forefront.

Last modified on الإثنين, 10 آب/أغسطس 2015 12:57
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