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Open Data Policy

21477 Thursday, 04 Jan 2024 08:26
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Embracing an open data policy is a key initiative that underscores the commitment of the General Directorate of Dubai Civil Defense to continuous improvement. This involves transparently and efficiently providing customers with the necessary data and information. Engaging in opinion participation fosters the creation of innovative products, services, and applications, leading to time, cost, and effort savings for customers while also fostering a culture of innovation.

Policy Objectives:
The open policy aims to clarify the guidelines on the Directorate's website in accordance with the following regulations:

  • Disclaimer document on the website.
  • Terms and conditions on the website.
  • Privacy policy on the website.

Application Field:
This document encompasses the scope of the General Directorate of Civil Defense on the Dubai website. Considering its open nature for continuous development, the document may undergo expansion in alignment with the UAE eGovernment policy and regulations set forth by the Ministry of Interior in the Emirate of Dubai.

Terms of reusing open data:

  1. These data are usable, reusable, and can be republished by any individual, legal personality, or governmental entity.
  2. When using these data, it is necessary to attribute them to the General Directorate of Civil Defense/Dubai, in order to preserve the ownership of the data by the Directorate, as well as its credibility and the accuracy of its source.
  3. The data user must not manipulate the data or its source, nor mislead others.
  4. These data should not be used for political purposes, to support illegal or criminal activities, or for use in racist or discriminatory comments, or with the intention of fueling negative impacts on culture, equality, incitement, or any illegal or non-compliant activity with our customs and traditions.
  5. The General Directorate of Civil Defense/Dubai is not responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may arise from the use or inability to use this open data, including but not limited to loss of income, reputation, business, data, computer malfunction, or its incorrect operation, or any other damages.
  6. The user of open data on the website of the General Directorate of Civil Defense/Dubai acknowledges using the data at his own risk, and the ministry assumes no responsibility whatsoever for updating all open data in the future, especially when based on current assumptions and predictions that may pose some risks and raise doubts about the mismatch between actual reality and expected future results and estimates.
  1. The ministry is not legally responsible for any harm that the user or any other person may suffer as a result of violating the confidentiality of information transferred by the user from open data, and it does not compensate them for that.
  2. The General Directorate of Civil Defense/Dubai disclaims all implied warranties and conditions regarding the information published in the open data section.

Ministry of Interior's Accountability:
The General Directorate of Civil Defense/Dubai publishes data on its website but does not guarantee their absence of remarks. These data are received from external entities and internal units at the time of receipt or based on the services provided. The Directorate does not ensure the continuous provision of these data or any part thereof. It disclaims any responsibility towards data users for any harm or loss resulting from the reuse of this data.

Responsibility of the Data User:
The user of the data is responsible for reusing the data on the ministry's electronic portal. Any errors related to the content, source, or date of the data resulting from the reuse of this data are solely the responsibility of the data user. The reuse of this data should not result in any errors related to the content, source, or date of the data.

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