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Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani ALMatrooshi Says: Sustainable Development of Civil Defence Capabilities Is Constant Strategy



On the 15th Anniversary of assuming Dubai Civil Defence Director General Post, we had interviewed Maj.Gen.Expert Rashid Thani Rashid ALMatrooshi,who assumed the post on 2003.

In the beginning of our interview, Gen. ALMatrooshi hails the role of the pioneers in laying the foundation stone for materialistic and knowledge bases of Civil Defence services, led to the subsequent achievements, and lit up the future steps of firefighters.

He praises also, the role played by all others who have contributed in founding Fire service during the sixties, later establishing  UAE Civil Defence in 1976, and caring in the following stages.. recognizing their developing efforts and pioneer initiatives, each according to the circumstantial and challenges he faced and achievements he added to become one of Civil Defence services development pillars, which have formed the base for our current and future developmental steps, allowing our services, performance and readiness to reached this advanced stage, we all proud of.

Human Resources Development:
HR field  is considered as one the most important  modern administrative fields, since it plays significant role in achieving optimal human resources investment and implementing it in carrying out main and supportive operations, achieving best services and practices by employing all physical resources to support human, knowledge and professional skills to ensure time, efforts and cost limitation is fulfilled, and short, medium and long run goals are achieved by applying best practices.

In order to achieve the above, Dubai Civil Defence should have its own culture to pinpoint its identity, objectives and strategy which it ultimately aims to achieve, based on which organizational structure is prepared, suitable employees are recruited, and appropriate administrative principles are implemented including: organization, recruitment, guidance, coordination, governance and finally to ensure employees are efficient before selected for the different posts, and their skills are deemed fit for carrying out required tasks. 

During the last 15 years, DCD’s staff  number was remarkably increased to reached 2180 employees in 2018 , as compared to 591 employees in 2003.

Increase in Fire Stations Number:
When fire service issue is raised, we mean a triangle of integrated  infrastructure  which provides emergency service that encompasses human force, fire stations and apparatuses.

None of these three pillars can be abated, as collectively are essential  to ensure fast response, efficiency, effectiveness and assuring service sustainability in accordance to global competitiveness best practices.  

When the Union was formed in 1971, there were only two fire stations (Satwa and Deira). In 2003 increased 8 ( Karma, Union, Rashydia, Ras, Qusais,Hatta, Hammryia and Qouz ).Now 26 fire stations are allocated across the emirate.

Following stations were established between 2003 and 2018:

1-      Barsha fire station

2-      Port Saeed fire station

3-      Emirates Martyrs fire station

4-      Lisiali fire station

5-      Marsa fire station

6-      Dubai Investment Park fire station

7-      Za’abil fire Point

8-      Dubai Park fire station

9-      Jebel Ali fire station

10-    Dubai South fire point 

2018 witnessed the emergence of the following stations:

1-Dubai Industrial

2-Jebel Ali Industrial




6-EXPO2020 Fire Point

7- Jeddaf 

Increase Number of Apparatus  and Specifications Upgrading:

Services Civil Defence to deliver are transferrable and under no circumstances can be delayed, therefore means  to mobile the service providers and apparatuses are essential to ensure services are delivered to the distressed.

These apparatuses featuring  specifications totally different from others, including  emergency apparatuses, due to the unique nature of fire and rescue services delivery pattern, and what equipments it required vehicles contained. 

In addition to increasing the number of equipment’s and replacing old ones with 100% new ones to improve their ability, their specifications  witnessed also qualitative upgrading, to become more effective and efficient. Highly sophisticated and specialized equipment’s and vehicles were developed, introduced and used to meet highrise,warehouses and tunnels fire incidents fighting teams requirements.

Evacuation Drills:

Evacuation drills are considered a vital part of fire and rescue teams and their stakeholders readiness raising operations to respond to crisis and incidents emergencies, as well as for preparing safety teams  at targeted buildings and establishments. Evacuation drills also aim at training wide sectors of the community on how to apply best practices during fire or emergencies. Total number of evacuation drills conducted by the fire stations teams during the last ten years was estimated at 6021 drills, in different buildings and establishments. Recent nine months of this year, witnessed 621 evacuation drills covered a number of companies, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, high-rise buildings, banks and labor accommodations. 

These years witnessed substantial improvement in technical affairs department capabilities, as it has changed from a merely maintenance workshop into a center for developing various innovative and specialized equipment’s and vehicles to meet local fire services requirements. such as:

1-Mobile crisis and disasters management room

2- Golden Leadership Vehicle (Hammer)

3-High ways incidents quick response vehicle ( Corvette)

4-Tunnels and Huge warehouses firefighting vehicle

5-Incident Mobile operations room

6- Mobile Media center

7-Mobile BA Store

8-Mobile catering unit for firefighters during fire incidents

9- Temporary illumination vehicle unit

10- Mobile shelter for Pets/animals   protection during emergencies

11-Aerial Photography / incident live transmission vehicle unit

11-    Desert/Off Road fire incidents firefighting vehicle


Financial Resources Growth:
Financial resources development lies an among important strategies that ensure the implementation of investment and operational plans of any entrepreneur, private or public sector, and shows also efficiency and effectiveness of financial administration at relevant organization.

Financial team at Dubai Civil Defence is committed to provide financial resources which ensure plans, programs and initiatives are implemented, through financial strategic planning, identification of objectives during specified course of time, and with the participation of Dubai Civil Defence four major sectors. Strategic plan is always set in the beginning of the fiscal year based on general polices, main and subsidiary operations requirements, and scheduled according to certain dates. Plan should assure activities integration and at the same time meet Dubai Civil Defence HQ needs. 

Technology Development:
   For any inquiry our valued customers can easily access Dubai Civil Defence digital website. Following channels Facebook, DCD, Google Plus, Survey, Mail. YouTube are also available for more interaction.  Dubai Civil Defence has developed also a simplified eservice application system, including 40 varied services it provides online to customers. DCD eservice and DCD mobile applications services are also available to individuals, companies and public sectors customers.  To ensure submitted application is electronically handled, two copies are retaining to help back desk team to provide the service in line with service identified standard level agreement. 

For DCD internal users, two applications, are also retain. Internal portal application helps user to get all updated about polices, communications and submitting technical support memos. Smart office is mobile application to follow internal activities and monitor strategical and operational main performance indicators.

To ensure safety of people round the clock, we introduce 24X7 smart monitoring system, which has more than 65000 buildings and establishments subscribers.

Woman in Civil Defence

Women Glorifies Civil Defence with Remarkable Achievements
Dubai Civil Defence has shown dedicated keenness since its early beginning to involve woman in supervisory and executive responsibilities. First woman to join Dubai Civil Defence was in 1994, as awareness lecturer. Followed by a number of colleagues, who have also joined as pioneers in different sections, including engineering, preventive inspection, community awareness and administrative affairs. Year 2008 witnessed the appointment, for the first time, of a woman in the post of Director General of Financial Affairs Department, followed by the second woman to assume the post of Strategic Department Director, then another woman who also was appointed as Director of Inspection and Monitoring Department. Beside a series of women also have assumed heads of sections responsibilities at different Fire, Protection, Prevention, Smart systems and Resources and Supportive services sections. Women participation rhythm in Civil Defence was accelerated during the last ten years to become the majority in some departments such as Adminstatrtive and Financial. Women has also influenced other fields, including Civil Protection, Drawing approval and community service.

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