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2021 08 22 1NA

Based on the ongoing cooperation between Dubai Civil Defense and National Program for Emergency Response (SANID), Civil Protection Department – Volunteer Section - at Dubai Civil Defense has concluded the basic training course designated to train SANID program’s volunteers on firefighting equipment and apparatuses.

The organized training course aims at enhancing response readiness during the crisis, disasters, and emergencies, raising the skills and competency of volunteers on how to use Civil Defense equipment, to efficiently support fire and rescue teams at the times of emergencies, as per the best international applied and practical practices.

The course comprises theoretical and practical drills and is set to train 100 volunteers, two sessions every week for one month. One should focus on providing them with the necessary and basic information and procedures followed during accidents situations and preventive skills.

Major Hamadan Hamed Al Suweidi, Director of Civil Protection Department emphasized that conducted course comes within the framework of cooperation between and SANID, to activate volunteers’ role and employing their capabilities within emergency response program, in such a way that society resilient and emergency response efforts are enhanced.

2021 08 22 2NA

2021 08 22 3NA


Last modified on Sunday, 22 Aug 2021 09:38
2021 08 17 1NA

Director of Monitoring and Inspection Department Captain Eisa Ahmed Khorshid Al Mutawaa and Ms. Nora Ahmed Al Matrooshi, Director of Human Resources Department have received at Dubai Civil Defense GHQ premises, Mr. Fadi RizgAllah Operations Director of Al TADAWI medical centers, where both parties have discussed the ways of cooperation and how agreements signed between their two entities in the medical and services fields can be implemented, means of strengthening cooperation and executing set protocols to delivering best medical and treatment services to DCD’S employees at Al TAWADI clinics, organizing medical awareness workshops, and participating in annual medical events.

Al Matrooshi praised the strategic partner in the medical field, its valued services rendered, including all medical diagnoses, consultations, and treatment prescriptions, within the seamless and quick journey, stressing Dubai Civil Defense authority under the commandership of H.E. Lt-Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi cares much about employees and their family's health care issues, as part of its dedication to providing them with the best possible medical care, fostering work productivity so that DCD’S goals are to serve properly.



Last modified on Wednesday, 18 Aug 2021 09:30
2021 08 15 1NA

Bin Humeidan Felicitates UAE Youth on IYD

Youth of Nation a Pillar of Change & Bridge to Global Developments

Ist .Lt. Khalifa Ali Bin Humeidan, member of Dubai Youth Council (DYC), in its fifth session 2021, and head of Budget section at Dubai Civil Defense GHQ, felicitates on behalf of himself and all members of Youth Council at Dubai Civil Defense, the UAE Youth on the occasion to mark International Youth Day, which falls on 12 August of every year, expressing his satisfaction about the distinction, success, and superiority demonstrated by UAE youth, their perseverance and allegiance showed to the nation and its wise leadership, and inspiring eternal lessons derived from the national identity and civilized legacy enriched with valuable values inspired front e late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AL Nahyan and the founding fathers who instilled in the mind of the youth the meaning of glory and honor.

Worth to be noted that Khalifa is considered as one of the distinguished Youth leaders, at Dubai Civil Defense in both scientific and practical fields, as he was awarded a B. Com degree and Master degree in Business Administration from Canadian University 2015, currently is persuading his higher studies at Aberystwyth University in the United Kingdom to get his Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), branded (Utilization of AI in Public Safety).


Last modified on Sunday, 15 Aug 2021 09:42
2021 08 09 1NA

As part of preparations and arrangements to celebrate Emirates’ Women Day, which falls on 28 of August of every year, Civil Defense GHQ Women Committee coordinating meeting was held at DCD’S main building, the event will be celebrated this year under the motto titled” Women are the Fifty ambition and bright”, launched by H .H. Shikhah Fatima Bin Mubarak, Chairperson of UAE General Women Union, chairperson of Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Family Development Foundation President ( Um Al Emarat), to mark 2021 event.

A number of event’s axes and different programs were reviewed during the convened meeting, which focusing on UAE’S women appreciation and demonstrating her valued efforts exerted in many fields, reflected by her successful endeavors at Civil Defense General Headquarters, for achieving more bright future that can contribute positively in Civil Defense services sustainability across the country, implementing the goals set by the wise leadership, supporting track of innovation and corporate excellence in all areas.

The meeting was held in the presence of Mrs. Abeer Al Hammadi, head of Civil Defense GHQ Coordinating Committee for Women Police Affairs at Ministry of Interior, Mrs. Afaf Assam Director of Strategy and Future Department at Dubai Civil Defense Department, and other committee members including Mrs. Amina Salah, Mrs. Khawlah Al Riyami, and Mrs. Nadia Al Marzouqi.

Last modified on Tuesday, 10 Aug 2021 10:50
2021 07 25 11NA

On behalf of myself and all DCD’S Officers,  Non-Commissioned Officers and employees I would like to express my sincere felicitation and best wishes to H.H. Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State (May Allah Preserves Him), H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai (May Allah Keeps him), H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, and to their highnesses member of Supreme Council and Rulers of the emirates, and to their highnesses the Crown Princes, and to all UAE citizens and residents on the advent of great occasion of EID AL ADHA, supplicating to the almighty ALLAH  to brings it back all with blessing and lifting this  Pandemic of.

Lt. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi

Director-General of Dubai Civil Defense


Last modified on Sunday, 25 July 2021 13:35
2021 07 25 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense Department has organized as part of Dubai Summer Surprises 2021, an event themed “Junior Firefighter” which will last until August 28 of 2021. 

The organized event encompasses several educational and entertainment activities, with which the junior firefighters have interacted well with them, reflected in their enthusiasm to answers safety rented competition’s questions.

Juniors also learned much about the firefighter’s job nature, risky field tasks they carry out, noble objectives they sacrifice for protecting lives and properties.

Interactive shows focusing on fire safety instructions, some practical steps to handle different types of fires, and ways to use domestic firefighting apparatuses were also demonstrated. 

The children have enjoyed the innovative awareness guidelines through drawings and coloring demonstrated at the dedicated art workshop hosted by the event. Teams have contributed to embedding awareness tips in the children’s minds. 

Major Dr. Ahmed Al Shingiti, Director of Government Communication Department has emphasized that DCD’S participation in Dubai Summer Supersizes comes within its community strategy to entrench safety awareness as a dominant culture followed by all community sectors.

He indicated also, children represent society main pillar, our preventive strategy care much about protecting them, and fostering safety measures at schools, tourism destinations, shopping centers, and other places, via various events, awareness lectures programs, drawings, and tips brochures, enabling them to protect themselves and smart and positively react to emergencies.

2021 07 25 2NA

2021 07 25 3NA
2021 07 25 4NA
2021 07 25 5NA
Last modified on Sunday, 25 July 2021 12:26
2021 07 15 1NA

According to a kind gesture from H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, many Dubai Civil Defense senior officers have been promoted, including His Excellency Maj. Gen. Rashid Al Matrooshi, who was promoted to the rank of Lt-Gen., Brigadier Jamal Bin Aaded, assistant Director-General for Resources and Supportive Services to the rank of Major General, Col. Suleiman Abdullkarim, Director of Technical Affairs Department to the rank of Brigadier and another (299) officers and Non- Commissioned Officers to the next deserved ranks accordingly. The gesture comes from Sheikh Mohammed in recognition and appreciation of their perseverance and achievements in the field of Lives saving and protection of community members, particularly in Dubai and across UAE.

Lt-Gen. Expert Al Matrooshi expressed his thanks and appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, for this valuable gesture demonstrated to DCD’S officers and Non-Commissioned Officers entails their promotion to the next deserved ranks, and at the same time congratulate the promoted officers and Non- Commissioned officers, urging them to double the efforts and enhancing institutional and professional performance,  and show their dedication in serving the society and allegiance to our wise leadership.

He added Dubai Civil Defense continues under the shadow of the ongoing support of the wise leadership to extend its sincere efforts of excellent performance to reach the best levels in achieving global leadership, stressing that” Dubai Civil Defense is working as per the best directives to embedding its vision and achieving its core business goals in maintaining lives and properties protection”.

For His part Maj. Gen. Jamal Bin Aaded, assistant Director-General for Resources and Supportive Services also expresses his thanks and appreciations for the valued confidence of His highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum conferred on DCD’S officers, and his continued support and encouragement demonstrated to DCD’S employees, emphasizing it represents prime incentive to arouse their energies for more objective performance to raise the national and entrenching the pillars of its development and progress.

For his part, Brig. Suleiman Abdullkarim, Director of Technical Affairs Department, expresses his thanks and appreciations to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid for his valued gesture, confirming Dubai Civil Defense works day and night to translate his vision for Dubai future as a modern city that provides the highest levels of safety and security to both residents and visitors, by raising DCD’S squad’s readiness.


Last modified on Thursday, 15 July 2021 11:33
2021 07 05 1NA

His Excellency Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, has chaired a meeting convened to identify and discuss the strategic priorities of Dubai Civil Defense for 2022 to ensure the achievement of strategic indicators and contribute to their international competitiveness.

Al Matrooshi emphasized that discussing strategic priorities 2022 comes in line with sincere dedication to take part in the race towards the future, achieving certain accomplishments, which help in maintaining the sustainability of UAE’S position in the international competitiveness indicators, also to contribute to the nation’s economic growth, and meeting national priorities of the country.

He also indicated that Dubai Civil Defense takes into consideration all global variations and updates, which assures keeping pace and implementing futuristic ambitious objectives of 2022 strategies and plans. 

The convened meeting was attended by Excellency Brig. Jamal Bin Aaded Al Muheiri, assistant Director-General for Resources and Supportive Services, Excellency Brig. Rashid Khalifah Al Falasi, Assistant Director-General for Smart Services, Excellency Brig. Expert Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, Assistant Director-General for Fire and Rescue, and Lady Afaf Jassim Al Muheiri, Director of Strategy and Future Department.


Last modified on Tuesday, 06 July 2021 08:54
2021 06 28 1NA

In the presence of His Excellency Brig. Jamal Bin Aaded ALMuhairi, Dubai Civil Defense Assistant Director-General for Resources and Supportive Services, Department of Civil Protection (Public Health Section) has organized in association with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, an initiative for 3 days long blood donation themed (Faazatkum Bedmikum), which literally means you support with your blood.

He (Bin Aaded) emphasized that this initiative reflects one of the main DCD’S humanitarian and community initiatives, which are organized based on their importance and effective impact on people's normal life, and to enhance the values of giving to others and how to make them feel happy and satisfied.

He also indicated the importance of the initiative in maintaining lives, through blood donation, adding huge categories in different hospitals that benefited from this initiative.

Brig. Jamal advised fire and rescue men and all DCD employees who could not donate today, to rush to Nad Alshiba fire station on Sunday 4/7/2021 or Barsha fire station on 6/7/2021.

Bin Aaded also hailed cooperation between Dubai Civil Defense and the Ministry of Health and prevention in various health and awareness fields to enhance community sectors' health and safety.

2021 06 28 2NA

2021 06 28 3NA

2021 06 28 4NA

2021 06 28 5NA


Last modified on Tuesday, 29 June 2021 09:14
2021 06 17 1NA

Maj. Gen. Expert Rashid Al-Matrooshi: Welcomes the new generations of UAE applying as firefighters

His Excellency Maj. Gen. Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of the DCD, welcomed the UAE Nationals who applied for the position of a firefighter while Checking the application procedures through the smart platform for employment in DCD building.

His Excellency assured that the profession of firefighting and rescue is one of the most important humanitarian professions at all, through which firefighters play great roles in protecting lives and properties, noting that firefighters perform their heroic tasks around the clock, in order to provide security, safety and protection for the community, adding that firefighters are subject to Multiple stages of training and psychological and physical preparation, starting from the basic training stage until they reach the level required to deal with fire accidents and the tasks assigned to them, whether it is firefighting or rescue, efficiently and professionally.

From his side, Brig. Gen. Jamal bin Aded Al Muhairi, Assistant Director General of Resources and Support Services, pointed out that the civil defense smart recruitment platform works to enhance and participate in national human resources in all jobs, achieve career aspirations for Emirati competencies, and qualify and train them to contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

He added that DCD is working effectively to implement government directives and achieve the best Emiratisation indicators, and its progress in accordance with the mechanisms and plans established in all jobs, in order to achieve the aspirations and directions of our wise leadership in this regard.

2021 06 17 2NA

2021 06 17 3NA

2021 06 17 4NA

Last modified on Sunday, 20 June 2021 09:51
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