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2019 12 23 1NA

His Excellency Major General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matrooshi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, met with candidates for Dubai Government Excellence Program. Al Matrooshi stressed the importance of completing the achievements reports according to the updated criteria for the program, and the need to cooperate with work teams to prepare the candidates files according to the requirements, confirming his great confidence in them to achieve the best results, as their competency brought them to this advanced stage.

Mrs. Suhad Al Masri, head of Career Excellence Team also attended the meeting.

2019 12 23 2NA

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2019 12 22 1NA

Dubai Civil Defense conducted a strategic exercise to measure readiness in Mirdif City Center, in cooperation with its strategic partners; Dubai Police, Dubai Ambulance,

National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management, Dewa, RTA, Dubai Municipality, Emirates Red Crescent, Dubai Health Authority, and Mirdif City Center administration. The exercise was attended by Lieutenant-Colonel Abdullah Al Hurr Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of the Security Scenarios Department at the Ministry of Interior and support officers, Major Abdul Rahman Al Saleh, Director of the Support Center and Captain Ali Muhammad Al Buflasa, Deputy Director of Station Affairs Department.

This exercise comes as a part of the federal plan to deal with commercial buildings emergency, and as part of the strategic plan of Dubai Civil Defense, to ensure preparedness, measure readiness, enhance partnership with strategic partners and achieve the best response rates.

According to the scenario, DCD Operations Room received an emergency call at 8:34 from the Security Officer at Mirdif City Center: “fire on the first floor”. Fire and rescue teams from Al Rashidiya fire station arrived at the incident site at 8:40. The teams dealt with the incident by briefing the accident commander about initial size-up results, and then deploying teams to fight the fire according to the prescribed scenario when responding to commercial buildings incidents. After that, support was requested from Al Mizhar fire station and Support center, which contributed to controlling the incident very quickly.

According to incident Bronze Commander’ statement, Captain Saad Al Mazrouei, deputy director of Al Rashidiya fire station: DCD operations room received a call of a fire in "Mirdif City Center", and according to exercise scenario, when fire teams arrived they found out that the fire was in the food court near the northeastern entrance, and immediately the teams began the procedures to deal with the incident by evacuating 5 injured people, two of them in a critical condition and three in a moderate condition, then they were handed over to ambulance for medical treatment. After that, teams started firefighting operations which brought the incident under control.

Incident Silver Commander, Captain Omar Beljafla, Head of Crisis and Disaster Dept. explained that the exercise enhances the goals of testing and implementing the general plan for commercial buildings emergency, reviews the efficiency of local agencies from strategic partners, enhances cooperation that achieves the strategic goals by providing more efficient and effective services, and emphasizes full readiness for Civil Defense and the ability to achieve the best response time rates.

Lt. Col. Abdullah Al Hurr Al Suwaidi praised the capabilities of Civil Defense firefighters and their ability to implement the scenario accurately, emphasizing that the exercise used the most advanced vehicles and equipment with high capabilities in dealing with emergency, which proved their efficiency in commercial centers incidents. Dubai Civil Defense and its strategic partners succeeded in carrying out their roles and responsibilities, as the joint evacuation drills are the main criterion for readiness testing, and one of the factors for sustainability of civil defense development and the effectiveness of its role to protect lives and property.

2019 12 22 4NA

2019 12 22 7NA

2019 12 22 10NA

Last modified on Monday, 23 Dec 2019 13:38

2019 12 21 5NA

Department of Civil protection “Awareness Section”, has concluded a campaign branded “Our Winter is safe and assured”, at the winter camps located in Tai area, with the aim to educate audience about fire protection, carrying out inspection visits to make sure camps safety measures set by Dubai Civil Defense are in place to ensure public safety. The event was held in the presence of Captain Hamdan Al Suwaidi, Acting Director of Civil Protection Department.

The closing day included awareness lectures on safety requirements and prevention guidelines, and the steps that must be taken by all members of society to act positively in the case of emergency, in addition to the use of fire equipment in fighting fires at incidents at early stages. In addition to practical applications in order to qualify them to become the first responders before the arrival of Civil Defense teams and specialized units, which contributes to preventing the spread of fires and avoiding losses. It also included a special awareness corner for children to draw and paint, competitions and prizes, as well as an entertaining tour for children in the desert on civil defense motorcycles.

2019 12 21 8NA

2019 12 21 13NA

Last modified on Sunday, 22 Dec 2019 13:11

2019 12 20 11NA

AL Rahoumi reviews the plans of the strategic partners at the "Security and Safety Committee" meeting

Lt. Col. Expert Hussein Mohammed AL Rahoumi, Director of Fire Stations Department, Chairman of the “Security and Safety” Committee following the “Activities Committee” of the General Directorate of Dubai Police, chaired the committee meeting, which included committee members from Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, Dewa, and Dubai Ambulance.

The meeting discussed the plans of the participating agencies in securing the events and accompanying activities, in Dubai in general and in the Downtown "Burj Khalifa" in particular. It also reviewed the challenges, the solutions and achievement levels to get the events out in the best forms, in addition to emphasizing the readiness of all participating agencies in safeguarding operations, and emphasizing roles distribution and providing support within the integrated work system, the movement of fire trucks and ambulance vehicles, in addition to ensuring the security and inspection procedures.

2019 12 20 22NA

2019 12 20 33NA

Last modified on Sunday, 22 Dec 2019 13:41

2019 12 20 1NA

Government Communication Dept. in Dubai Civil Defense, in cooperation with Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation, organized entertainment programs for orphans during the summer camp at Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, as part of Dubai Civil Defense policy to sustain community service.

The activities included entertainment programs and educational activities, with the aim of using children’s leisure times in the best way and motivating them to actively participate psychologically and intellectually, in order to enhance their talents. The accompanying activities included upgrading their skills in drawing and painting, organizing trips to cinemas, exercises in theatrical performance, and performing rehearsals to participate in a play at the end of the entertaining educational program.

2019 12 20 6NA

2019 12 20 8NA

Last modified on Sunday, 22 Dec 2019 13:48

2019 12 19 11NA

Brigadier Jamal bin Adhed Al Muhairi, Acting Director General of Dubai Civil Defense, has approved the plan for safeguarding New Year's Eve celebrations in Dubai, including activities in Burj Khalifa, which was developed by the NYE Safeguarding Committee consisting of fire stations directors.

This was at a meeting chaired by Brigadier Jamal, in the presence of Brigadier Rashid Khalifa Al Falasi, Assistant Director General for Smart Services, Lt. Col. Expert Hussein Mohammed AL Rahoumi, Director of Fire Stations Department, Lt. Col. Expert Firas Mohammed Belhasa, Director of Al Karama fire station, and those concerned from other departments.

Brigadier Jamal stressed the readiness of all civil defense units to safeguard events and protect lives and property, calling on society to adhere to safety and prevention measures to enjoy the celebrations, stressing that civil defense and its strategic partners work with the aim of providing the best services and an atmosphere that enhances safety procedures.

It is worth noting that the NYE Safeguarding Committee has preceded this approval meeting with several meetings, the most prominent of which was held at the Operations Center in Down Town "Burj Khalifa", to discuss events and suggestions and review the plans.

Last modified on Sunday, 22 Dec 2019 13:04

2019 12 19 1NA

Himmah Hatta ALQemah team has organized a workshop branded “Innovation Management”, as part of Dubai Civil Defense HQ work agenda, to participate in Dubai Government Excellence Award 2020, pioneer entity.

Lady Shrifa ALmazmi, head of competitiveness and Excellence section and team member, has demonstrated full detailed explanation about criteria that closely related to the axis of teams work, and how ( competency “form is implemented to ensure required indicators are in place, and innovation challenges development initiatives are identified, to assure DCD’s strategic goals and Dubai Government goals achievement. 

She also addressed, the important points which DCD seek to achieve, to reach global leadership, through excellence, corporate performance and development, culture driven innovative thinking for reshaping the future, providing unique solutions for DCD’s specialized services, and focusing on adopting innovative projects, supporting and encouraging employees to raise innovative initiatives and creative performance, in such a way that achievements positive results can be accomplished.

2019 12 19 2NA

Last modified on Thursday, 19 Dec 2019 10:52

2019 12 18 11111NA

In a meeting chaired by Lt. Col. Expert Hussein Mohammed AL Rahoumi, director of fire stations department and in the presence of all directors of fire and rescue stations, New Year Eve celebrations event safeguarding assigned team has reviewed protection plan set to protect the events in emirate of Dubai, including Burj Khalifah site.

Convened meeting addressed security team plan, taking into consideration previous years successful experiences, to enhance security aspects, achieving highest readiness levels, distributing fire teams and squads according to density of audience available in event site,  also identifying vehicles movement routes to ensure they can contribute  effectively in protecting lives and properties. 

AL Rahoumi stressed that Dubai Civil Defense Department has set a complete plan for safeguarding New Year events, all fire stations are highly alerted round the clock, to ensure all emergencies are responded to in most appropriate way, stemming from accumulated experiences of efficiently and effectively safeguarding different events.

Dubai Civil Defense along with its strategic partners work in harmony to maintain the bright image of Dubai in the international arena, as it considered one of the best destinations for millions from worldwide, He added.

2019 12 18 22222NA

Last modified on Thursday, 19 Dec 2019 09:35

2019 12 18 2222NA


Last modified on Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019 13:30

2019 12 18 111NA

Captain Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Shengiti, acting director of Government Communication department, has received at his office, a delegation from EXPO 2020, encompassing MS Sumia AL Ali, head of Government Communication, and MS Shahd Saleh Zaraouni, head of Government services, EXPO 2020 office.

Both parties reviewed ways of cooperation, practical steps to double government entities to ensure the success of the activities and events of international most iconic event, region to witness on 2020, where more than 25 million visitors from across the world, are expected to come. EXPO 2020 event, considered one of the astonished achievements UAE has accomplished, in its ascending march towards the rank of advanced countries. 

ALShengiti stressed that Dubai Civil Defense and EXPO2020 are working side by side, since project beginning stage, including drawing approval, checking alarm devices safety measures, and training workers on safety precautionary steps and evacuation procedures. 

DCD is presents at EXPO 2020 site through its fire and rescue center, a specialized center that was established according to latest international standards set to safeguard events.

Meeting was attended by Hawida Bin Touq, deputy director of Government Communication department and concerned bodies from both sides.


Last modified on Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019 13:03
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